Spica TC 50 - What are the best stands?

I just scored a mint pair of Spica TC 50's. I owned a pair several years ago. I intend to keep this pair for a long, long time. As I recall, they need really good, high density stands to shine. What would you recommend for under $500?

I have used Tyler Acoustics Model 1 stand with the Spica
T-60 and they match very well together. Give Ty a call. He's a great guy to talk to. He could custom build you one for a very decent price.

Good luck!
Congrats! Great speaks. Sound Orgs, the 4 pillar kind would do well. BTW, I upgraded a pair with metallized polys and better wire and they really got sweet. Good luck.
The original Tc-50s were designed to go with Hercules stands...the speakers were actually bolted on ...My Spicas were of this nature...and to be honest...I would go out of my way to find them...the SPicas are bass shy...so any added extension is welcome....
Not in response to your question, but in connection with what was said by Phasecorrect, I recently got the Velodyne FSX-12 servo sub to go with my TC-50s and I could not be happier- not only because of the fast, tight bass extension, but using the high pass crossover of the sub, the Spicas sound even better. Hope this may be of use to you.
PLATEAU in Canada makes a Target clone that's more attractive called the V23 (23")that's sand/shot fillable and only $230/pr list! I LOVE em under my Spendors.
Happy New Year!