Spica TC-50 Owners What amp do you like w/ TC-50?

Which amp/pre-amp, int or RCV do you like with the TC-50? Tubes and or SS ?
I'm not a Spica owner. That said, may I suggest a Forte 4a.
I've owned two pairs of TC-50's and am a fan.. I had used a Forte 1a until it blew one channel.. so a 4a would work too.. They sounded best when hooked up to a tube amp, can't remember which one, possibly a quicksilver (this was at a dealer some years ago) I have been using my TC-50's with Cardas Golden Hexlink 5c and a rega Mira with, in my opinion, good results. Rega Vulcan sub seems to be made for the TC-50's also, good results very versatile.
any of the Transcendent Sound OTL's would be perfect with the Spicas ... I believe Transcendent even recommends the TC50 for use with their amps
Hello,I am using the Halo Audio SPM-25 SE (KT88x2.. 12AX7LPS) with my TC-60's. The results are excellent. At the moment, I am using a Rega Planet (original) through a Musical Fidelity X-10D straight to the Halos... Great soundstage and bloom.. Killer mid's and musicaity ! I have tried the same with a Jolida JD-100 CD player and was also wonderful. Good little amps for the money (7 or 8 hundred new).I have a Bel Canto eVo 200.2 on it's way to me, as well as a Mistral Linestage. I believe this combo to be just grand with the Spica's. I have owned a few pair of Spicas and I feel that they have one of the best mid-range presentations that there is. It can be almost "Quad" (esl-57) like in their musicality. I ownd a Rowland amp (112) for about a year and it was just mid-range Heaven with the Spicas... but the cost differential is enormous.Both the TC-50 and TC-60 have their own signature, but are very close in many ways. I look at all of these 2 and 3K monitors and feel lucky that I have the Spicas... they are a steal and worthy of any high quality, hi-end amp that you put on them (regardless of price).Other amps to concider:Aronov 960 (960i) ... HUGE soundstage and liquid presentation with the Spicas.Sim Celeste 4070SE ... Low level detail and excellent transparency with the Spicas.Kora Design 30 ... Speed and intensity... great pace and imageing with the Spicas.I treat the Spica in the same camp as I would the Quad for drivability and front end but with conciderably lest attention to load. I am not sure of the TC-50's imp. curves, but the TC-60 is about as easy as it gets... 7 ohms nominal, dropping to 6.2 ohms (lowest).TUBBY
Quad 99 pre/Quad 909 amp. (Together, their cost is $2500 list, but discounts and used can be found.)

I have no experience with tubes, but as others have said, these Quad electronics have a non-electronic flavor and a colorful neutrality that seen to match perfectly with my TC50s.