Spica TC-50 or Vandersteen 1b/1c or ?

Speaker dilema: do I stick with the Spica (which I got at a very good price) or do I go up in size to the Vandersteen. I really like the presentation of the Spica's but even before them I had been using monitors for a long time and I now desire a fuller range sound ($300-500). I'm skeptical about adding a sub and I remember hearing the Vandy 2c years ago on a tube system and being blown away by the sound - the performers and soundspace were palpable. I don't have room for the 2c series but thought the 1b/c might be a good compromise. My system is currnetly a CAL Sigma DAC, NAD amp, Kimber and Audioquest lines. I am working on replacing the NAD with an old Fisher 400 tube reciever (about 25 wpc). Any opinions and advice will be appreciated.
You will gain both bass and highs with the Vandersteens. The TC-50 has great imaging, nice mids but nothing else. You will also hear great improvements by upgrading an old NAD. The Fisher should sound great assuming it works well.

My only qualm about the Vandersteens is that if you really like to rock, the tweeters may not take it that well.
I love the Spicas and tire of those saying they have no bass. With better amplification, the right stands these speakers are real competitors. I don't share the love with the Vandys that so many do. I say go with better amplification before dumping them. Not sure the Fisher is the direction I would go. Maybe an Audio Refinement Complete would show the way.
Regarding Elevick's concern that the Vandy 1B/C's tweeter may not handle rock very well, let me simply comment that my son bought a pair of Vandy 1's more than 12 years ago when he started college, and he is still using them today. They've had a lot of rock played through them, and the only repair they've needed was to replace one of the main drivers. Unless the 1's are driven to ear-bleed levels with a low-power amp (thereby producing high levels of distortion), they are quite rugged and dependable.
the fisher is going to make the bass disappear in either speaker....keep the nad and the spicas(the tc50's may be the finest small loudspeaker ever designed)...although the vandy 2c's can indeed rock i believe getting rid of the tc50's is a mistake. your system is probably better than most at ten times the money...enjoy
The obvious advantage the Vandies provide is bass...but adding a sub to your SPicas...especially in a small to medium room...might lead to better results...as a former tc-50 owner i would have to concur...the SPicas have a more 3-d image presentation...and a very open midrange...but offer very little high or low end detail...they can sound very dark and cold at times....there forgiving nature works very well with analog though...
I think the Vandersteen tweeters are probably more durable (and replaceable) than the Spicas. If your have a big enough room, I'd suggest going for a 2 series Vandersteen. I'd also suggest deciding on the speakers before the amp.
Spica is NOT the end all speaker today that it was in 1985. Can we say 18 years ago? I owned two pairs at various times in college and loved them for what they were. Here is a list of things that many current monitors will eclipse the Spica TC-50: MUCH better lower bass, MUCH better output before you blow the speakers (Spica = gentle volume levels), Better treble extension, and most of all: not having to throw away the speakers (like you would the Spicas) if you blow one of the drivers.
I've gotten a sub and changed my electronics- I've not been able to replace the Spicas and I've listened to a lot of other speakers and even demoed some in my home.

I've always liked Vandys when I've heard them, but the Spicas (at least with a sub and good electronics) sound to me more like live music.
Thanks for the responses and advice. I do enjoy the imaging and midrange of the Spica's. But with all the good I've heard and read about the Vandersteen's I'm surprised more people have not supported or recommended them. Anyone?
Vandersteens are a great speaker. I've got the 2CE Sigs in a medium size room (13x15). I was worried about their size, but it's proved not to be a problem. What dimensions are you working with? If you're looking for a great sounding full range speaker, then I'd consider moving up to the 2's. Whatever you choose, enjoy!
The Vandersteens do a lot of thing very well. The Spica's do some things great. You will miss them if you sell them.
Brian Cheney has a typically well-informed post at audioasylum on the Spicas circa 9/8/03. I recommend reading it if you haven't already.