Spica's TC 50 vs. Sound Dynamic RT 3's

I would appreciate suggestions regarding these two speakers. I need something for the office and have narrowed the search to these. Also would appreciate any comments concerning speaker stands and height suggestions for the RT 3's. I'm use to my main system of Quad ESL/Kinergetic subs.
I've read many things about both Spica and Sound Dynamics but haven't met anyone who has any experience with either. Office is the size of medium size bedroom. Anyone out there?
The 60's are less delicate than the 50's. Had them for many years and I push them. I had 50's, now 60's, and also AP Virgo's. Comparing the Spica's to the Virgo's I don't hear a whole lot of advancement (15 years?) AND they are at least six times as much. The Virgo's fill a much larger room although they even sound more lightweight in the mids and are not as good as Spica's on rock. Again, the Spica's need a small room where a small room suffocates the Virgo's.
You could make better choices for rock, but you would be sacrificing in other areas.
Check out this link... Virgo's in the front and I think Sound Dynamics in the back. (?)
For Spica pic go to enjoythemusic.com>>archives>>euip review.

Here you go, they fo great work and damn its the cheapest on
the net, but they do take a while
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Madisound has the # and the cureent replacement tweeter, any good tech should be able to solve any crossover problems as long as one of them is still good.
Ultrakaz, from my experience with the RTS-3s on a Atlantis Reference Stand, the RTS-3s do not like a more solid stand than the API SST.