SPICA 's in Home Theater Setup

I have a friend who is using Spica Angeles (fronts) and T-50's(?) in the rear for a home theater setup.

He is interested in knowing what speaker might work best for the CENTER channel. He is currently using a small Mirage and wants to get better timbre matching and improve the overall better of his setup.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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The best thing would be another Angelus. He would probably have to buy a pair, but having an extra speaker around for spare parts would be very good. If he can't fit another Angelus under or behind the screen, a TC-50 would be a good match,since they are quite similar in many ways, although I thnk the Angelii are a bit more refined sounding. He could even use a pair of TC-50s together for increased power handling.
I would not recommend a pair for the center, since you can get filtering effects. But I would think that another choice might be the TC-60s, which Audio Advisor was selling recently.
His response was,"a pair,and have an extra on hand".Not two centers.I believe that was sound advice with a spare.I would not mix centers like a tc-60 and an Angelus.What a sound that theater is going to be.How about we add some golden tube SE-40's.Tubes and spica's......heaven!
Good god, that is one speaker choice that I personaly would never even conisder for a home theater system (Bau never intended any of his speakers to handle the kind of power levels and peaks that are typical in home theater playback environments).

Pleeeeeze warn him to ALWAYS limit his volume levels and NEVER consider playing his home theater at typical "reference" levels! His Angelus are not capable of sustained power or distortion and the TC-50s will blow even easier!