Spica Angelus setup

I just acquired a pair of Spica Angelicas and I'm not sure which one goes left and right. The stickers with the serial #'s have fallen off and the manual I found online says to place them according to A and B on the serial #. Should they be placed with the woofers further to the inside or to the outside?
Spica Angelus are mirror imaged and the woofers should be placed closer to the inside. The Angelus is a great speaker and deserves high quality electronics. They have a fair amount of high frequency energy, so I recommend avoiding brite electronics. Tubes work well and I had excellent results with Audio Research tube amplifiers and preamps. If you have the spikes you can tilt the speakers forward or back to align the area midway between the woofer and tweeter with your ears. With the proper tilt the desired tonal balance can be achieved.