Spica Angelus

Looking to replace defective tweeter for the Spica Angelus. Any suggestions since the original parts are hard to find.
You might want to contact Parasound, Spica's last owner before they were discontinued.
Have you tired the Spica owners group?

Try Madison Sound. Last time I checked they has some that would fit.
Additional Information:

I reviewed my "e" mail from last November and here is what Brian at [email protected] said "This tweeter is still being built, but with a round flange as the TW025A0. You can buy the TWO25AO and put your old rectangular face plate on the new tweeter. The screw holes line up".

I didn't get them and try it because mine still work but I thought due to age that I might want to replace them.

Hope this helps you out.

P.S. If you ever need to have the woofers redone I had my rebuildt by Millersound located in Landsdale, PA. The phone number is: (215) 412-7700.