Spendor Stand question on the new SA1

I just purchased a new pair of Spendor SA-1 speakers. I am wondering if any one has experimented with stands and stand height for the SA1. The matching factory stands are light but ridgged. Has any tried a heavier metal stand like Target or sound Anchors?
I would go with the Skylan stands. I was a Spendor dealer for years and still have 6 pairs and have used Target [was a dealer] and sound anchor and the Skylan are MUCH better. They are used under the expensive Harbeth [forget the model] and make my Sp-1s and S100s sound better than they ever have.
I used Skylan under my Spendor 3/1's (filled with a combination of kitty litter and #8 lead shot) and Sound Anchor's under my 1/2e's. Both delivered great results.
I've read that the Spendor SA1 stands are light weight and undamped. The Targets and Sound Anchors are really heavy and damped. So which is best with these light weight BBC type speaker designs? I have not heard of the Skylans, I will check them out. Thanks for the Skylan info.
I have found the heavy metal stands to appear to store vibration more than the lighter ones. I am using kitty litter also, formerly used lead shot but have decided it adds a coloration to the sound. My TNT stand sounded better without it.
Regardless of which stands you get, and I'd have to defer to Stanwal on the type due to his experience, use a set of Herbies black dots between the speakers and the top platform of the stand.
Ive tried Blue Tack and many other products under speakers, most sound bad. The best that I've found are the blue dots from from Sound Anchors.

Doing the mm to inches conversion I come up with a height of 23.6 inches for the factory stands, this seem short for mini monitors. One would think that Spendor would design the correct height stands for their speakers. Any one using 24" stands with the SA1s?
Tweeter at ear height when seated is the way I have usually tried to have mine. I have Audio Points under my SP-1s but the range of opinion on this is very wide , they work well in my system. I haven't tried the dots.
I've tried the SA1's with both a heavy and well damped stand (AudioMagic Genta, which is a very good stand), and with Spendors own lightweight stands. The conclusion: the Spendor stands is absolutely the best choice for the SA1's. With these stands you get a clearer, faster, more detailed, more crispy and more musical sound.