Spendor speakers


I'm looking into Spendor speakers,what's some of the classic,great models to look out for,sleeper models too.
Good value models,vintage is fine too..

The BC1 from the late 60's till the 80's is probably the most famous Spendor speaker. It is a large 3-way standmount, easy to drive and known for it's smooth presentation. Could be a bit wooly in the bass, but a beautiful midrange was it's most striking sound feature. I think it's a bit of a collector's item now, so likely to be quite expensive if you are fortunate to find a pair.

More recent (90's?) would be the S100's which are big, full bodied standmounts. Great speakers!
I've got a pair of SP1/2Es and a pair of SP3/1Ps from their "classic" range.

The SP1/2Es are descendants of the BC1 and I enjoy them greatly. They are extremely neutral and are a wonderful choice for someone who enjoys naturally recorded voice and acoustic instruments. I bought mine used on Audiogon where they show up periodically. While they do pop, rock 'n roll and other music just fine for my purposes, they are not a speaker for a fan of high volume or super deep bass or one who likes the "audiophile" sound that highlights "detail" in a way that one doesn't hear at a live venue.

The SP3/1P is also clearly a member of the Spendor family but isn't quite as refined. But it is a much smaller and less expensive speaker.

I've also owned two speakers from their new series, the S5e and S8e. I enjoyed their sound. The S8e in particular plays louder than the classics and has deeper bass but its voicing is a bit more toward the popular "audiophile" sound. If I listened only to pop/rock recordings I would have likely stayed with the S8e. However, the SP1/2E is more natural sounding with straight acoustic material and I value that attribute more than the volume and bass advantage of the newer speakers.

Good luck with your search.
I was a Spendor user for quite some time. Still have the first pair I bought which were the 3/1. Moved to the 7/1 then the 1/2E. I enjoyed all these speakers. While I no longer use Spendor, if I see a pair of 9/1's come up for sale I may just have to indulge.

If you need additional bass with Spendor speakers, REL subs match up well with them. For me, other than the 3/1, the bass was fine. The mid-range will more than make up for any bass deficiency. My preference leans toward the mid-range anyway so I'm comfortable giving up a little bass.
I was a former dealer, still use them, have SP1s, SP 1/2Es, SP 2s, S-100s. The ones or one/2s are very good and often very reasonable. The 100s are very good in larger rooms, the twos in smaller ones. I use a pair of REL subs with mine. I think the older ones are the ones to get. I may be selling one of my S100 s pairs eventually.
I've owned my S100's for 19 years! Paired with my tube amp & pre-amp I've been a very happy man. Spendor + tubes = sonic bliss!;)
This is where I tend to disagree with some Spendor owners. Tube amps and Spendors never sounded as good in my system as they did powered by solid state amps.
My experience is in line with the comments so far. I've been very happy with my Spendor SP1/2 loudspeakers, which I run with ample solid state power amplification (McIntosh MC352 stereo amp). They are natural-sounding, non-analytical speakers that are not fatiguing in any way. New, the Spendors are pretty expensive for what they are, but I found a used pair for less than $2K including the essential Sound Anchor stands. The SP1/2 won't handle deep bass, however, and I believe it is essential to get a subwoofer to hear them at their best. My current subwoofer is a single REL Stentor, which has made a huge difference. A lot of Spendor owners use REL subwoofers, sometimes in pairs. Others have reported excellent bass with the Spendor SP100, but I have not auditioned them. Still others have also reported success with Spendor loudspeakers on relatively low power, whereas I find them to perform well with a high current amplifier. I suspect that high-power tube amplification would be a nice match for Spendor. If you are able, do experimentation with amplifiers to see what you like.
Just one more comment on the power issue. I use a tube amp with my SP1/2Es. The amp is an Image 65i with 6550 output tubes and is rated at 50 watts a channel. I listen at an average volume of 80 to 85 dB in a medium-small room (about 15' X 14' with 9 1/2' ceilings) and the amp very comfortably powers the speakers. I previously used a Bel Canto S300 (solid state with 150 watts/ch) and do not believe I lost anything in dynamics when I switched to the lower power tube amp.
I have both the Spendor Classic 1/2 and 2/3e speakers. Both have a mid-range to die for, with the 1/2's having a slightly deeper bass but, as others have said, bass is not why you buy the Spendor Classic speakers. New Spendor 2/3's sell for about $3,500; new 1/2's for about $5,500.

My listening room is 14'x15'. I use a solid state Audio Analogue Puccini integrated amplifier (50 watts) and a Pathos Classic One hybrid integrated amplifier (70 watts) to drive the Spendors to very loud levels. They have a flat 8 ohm impedence and are easy to drive. I also use an Eastern Electric M-520 tube integrated amplifier (18 watts). The music is just magical, whether powered by a solid state or tube amplifier.
I've got the current S8E's and they sound fantastic. Smooth but extended highs, really good bass, terrific imaging... a great speaker in any age, and they do come up used from time to time here on A-Gon.
spendor bc1/69's (only 69 pairs made)...ls3/5a's..both incredible and beyond rare....still under 2k when you find them.
BC3s here -- the best speakers I've owned or heard chez moi in 35 years. Like electrostats but with more bass and volume capability.

I'm thinking Spendor, and am interested in them because of these vintage B&W DM4's I picked up. The Spendor BC1 was very much the same,same mid and super tweeters as the DM4's.
These vintage B&W's are freakin wonderful and totally open. So,I thought Spendor's would be worth checkin out too.

Thanks for all the comments and info!
I've owned a paid of Spendor 1/2s for four years and still wonder at their ability to embody acoustic string (bluegrass, Malian, etc.) and put across well-recorded piano music, like Debussy and Oscar Peterson. Solo voice, like Naïve's Vivaldi recordings, also flourish. Since I bought these black beauties from a Nashville Audiogon seller, and the vintage is plausible, I like to imagine they were Johnny Cash's way of hearing. On the warm side, as others have noted. If you prefer the dry and analytical, these Spendors may seem just a little too wet. But if you're like me, B&W (for example) sound like sandpaper blocks. Personally, these old Spendors make my ears grin.
Have owned my S100s now for 18 years and very content with them. Curious if u still have you have yours or what u may have replaced them with.
I can't quite match Gthgmg with his 18 years, but I have owned my SP100s for 11 years and am still very happy with their sound. I recently investigated several speakers that have attracted a lot of press lately, but I haven't heard anything so far that makes me want to pull the trigger. The SP100 isn't perfect, but it does manage to do so many things right that I find it very satisfying over the long haul. When I listen to it, I hear music and I don't start making mental lists of its shortcomings.
When I 1st chimed in on this thread my S100's were 19 yrs old. I got 'em for Xmas in 1990 so obviously they're 22 yrs old! I'm listening to these bad boys right NOW!;) We're rockin' in the new year! It's obvious from mine and other similar posts that Spendor's are keepers!
When I 1st chimed in on this thread my S100's were 19 yrs old. I got 'em for Xmas in 1990 so obviously they're 22 yrs old! I'm listening to these bad boys right NOW!;) We're rockin' in the new year! It's obvious from mine and other similar posts that Spendor's are keepers!
I have had the mini-monitor SA1's in my BR system for the past few years and adore them. Expensive but extremely sophistictaed and accomplished little devils.

Before then, I had SP2/1's, S3/5's and then S3/5R's. Any time I have sold my Spendors I regretted it, so I am not selling my SA1's. Learned my lesson. There really is Spendor magic.

Hi Neal-Just bought a pair of S3/5R's for a second system. I will be running a Well Tempered Amadeus TT, and an LM Audio 211IA, 30 WPC PP amp. Still have to buy a cartridge and phono stage. Glad to hear you are loving the Spendors. My LM integrated seems to put out a very healthy 30 WPC, and sounds very promising with my reference CD player. The player btw, is the Sony PS 1. The real test will be when I get the analog up and running. Cheers-Don
I've never heard the the SP100s, but they're too tough with that price new. They should be at least half of that.