Spendor SP3/1P vs. Monitor Audio GR 10?

I've auditioned both- they seem VERY close in qualities. Different dealers so I couldn't do an "A/B" compare.

Really like the cabinetry on the Spendors (and of course sound)-GR 10s SEEM to have a little more bass-cabinetry is so so at best. Didn't care for the B & Ws compared to the GR 10s in an A/B listen.

Considering a used pair of Tyler "tylos", but haven't heard them.

Got a vote? I'd appreciate your input!

I've been very happy as of late with the Spendor SP3/1P on a pair of Sound Anchor four post stands. I purchased them to compare against the Spendor S3/5. I think a solid stand needs to be factored into the cost of any quality monitor.

Previous to the Spendors, I was using Martin Logan Aerius-i.

I'm sorry, I have no experience with the GR-10. I can only give a satisfication recommendation for the Spendors.
I just bought a rosewood pair of SP3/1P and a black SC3 top match. Now need wall-mountable, spouse-friendly surrounds!
JM Labs Chorus 700 might do it if the Scan tweeters can stand to have the Focal Tioxids 15 feet away!
I had the 3/1p for about 2 years, now using the S3/5 smaller spendors.

Hard to go wrong with the 3/1p ! I cant comment on this particular MA speaker but in the past years, I find their metallic tweeters to be a bit "hot" and "bright" for my taste so i never considered them.

Definitely the Spendors 3/1p are the way to go or if you can live without the bass but more accurate sound, the S3/5 on a Sound Anchors 24" stands would be the way to go.