Spendor SP100R2 still a relevant speaker?

Was about to pull the trigger on some Tannoy Turnberry's but then found a beautiful pair of Spendor SP100R2's with stands that are within a long drive distance from me if I wanted to buy them.

They have some age on them, wonder if they can perform as good as the Tannoy or even better.  They are at the same price too $6k.


Thank you everyone.  They are a good deal with stands, same price as the Tannoy actually.

I'm seriously giving it thought, it's a four hour drive, so I guess if I listened and didn't like them it's not too bad.  

I owned the SP100's for years and enjoyed them greatly. They sound good (though different) with amplifier and cable changes, but always truthful and enjoyable. I don't think you'd be disappointed. By the way, they're heavy!

The original SP100s outperform the 100R2s, but the latter should still be very good. The upside to the R2 variants is they won’t suffer the driver surround hardening problem of the earlier models. I would be happy to own a pair of 100R2s driven by 40 watts+ of tube power. I like just about any Spendor better than the Harbeth counterpart. 

I have heard the Spendor and the Tannoys, to me the Spendors are very easy to listen to, but perhaps a bit polite, the Tannoys are more engaging with better dynamics, plus you can tweak the treble energy to your liking. Plus with the Tannoys being 3db more efficient makes them easier to drive with single ended valve amps.

If you read the reviews my impressions are pretty much supported by the reviewers.

Thank you for the input @alan60 that's pretty much what the owner is saying too, that Tannoy might be a bit more energetic compared to the Spendor.  I'm still completely lost now.  Only one I have heard is the Tannoy.