Spendor SP100 Question

I have a new pair of Spendor Sp100's. These speakers allow for tri-wiring. Is that the way to go ? I currently single wire with Audience AU24 cables and attach to the woofer binding post. Is tri-wiring better and what type cables are the best for this setup ? Are there any sp100 users out there and what is your favorite amp with this speaker ?
I have owned the Spendors for quite some time now. First, do not use the jumper plates supplied by Spendor, and get some decent jumper cables with spades. I use the bottom post with a single wire banana plug, and jumper from post one to two, and a jumper from post two to three. I have tried Bi-Wiring but to me there was not much of a difference going the single wire route. Have never found the Spendors to be as efficient as claimed but I have always used a modified Audio Research Classic 60. Once you get settled in with these speakers you should look at a REL Sub just to boost the bottom end a little bit. They are fabulous with the REL's. I actually have two REL Storm's, and they are an impressive set. I have lusted after many speakers but when I listen to the Spendors there is no need to spend anymore. Great purchase, and I am confident that you will love them.
I own a pair of Spendor SP 1/2s (the model below the 100s) and I emphatically agree with Djohn about getting better jumpers and ditching the stock Spendor plates. I was quite surprised with the improvement after installing good jumpers on my speakers.

As to your cable question, my speakers are bi-wire capable, but I have yet to try bi-wiring in my system. In my current situation, I do not think that bi-wiring would be worth the expense.
The AU 24 jumpers are not cheap but do work well, and with their new style bananna's are easy to use, don't bother with bi, or tri wiring on this speaker.
I originally had the speaker wires connected to the midrange posts. Seeing Djohn's response, I switched to the woofer connection and voila, the bass is more pronounced AND the highs are even clearer. I find it hard to believe the difference is that great. I used a CD (Ron Carter, The Bass & I) that I always use when I've tweaked the system and want to check the effect. If you're not familiar with it, the CD has very good, clean bass, excellent imaging, and best of all, the percussion is fabulous. JimL
Ok> I Love the audiogon site!

What speaker (the SP 100? or the Apogee Centaurus slant 8, the AR9...the ADS 1290,s the KEF 105.4) I have owned these all! I have biamped etc.

Which is the choice for you for acoustic music, classical, jazz or folk BUT IF IT IS acoustically recorded, which speaker says the truth?

I am building my own subwoofers...

Go figure. But I am not a scientist or an acoustician...

Whats your view of the SP 100 Spendors?