Spendor SP1 and SP1/2 owners...

In a last-ditch attempt to get back to basics, and perhaps start enjoying music rather than analyzing it to see what's wrong, I bought a 20 year old pair of SP1s in good shape. The problem is, I really don't want to spend over $400 for a pair of Sound Anchors. I'm wondering if I could build a pair of stands that would complement the SP1s sonically. If so, I have four quick questions: should they be wood or steel, high mass or medium mass, solid or open frame, and finally, what should the height of the platform be? Thanks to all you gents and ladies who have something to contribute to this thread...
Here's a suggestion. Ikea sells a plant stand in their Lack design line for about $US18. It is 17" high and surprisingly sturdy. I bought a pair to use with my Harbeth SHL5's as a starting point for deciding the exact height I wanted to order for a pair of Slylan stands. But the performance has been so good, I am in no hurry to get those Skylans. The 17" is pretty darn close to ideal, and I suspect it would be for the SP1 as well, which I think is about the same size as the Harbeth. The Ikea stands are remarkably good, really, and I highly recommend them, at least as a place to start. If it works with your decor, it may be all you ever need. If you want to move up, take a look at Skylan from Canada.

I found out about the Ikea stands on the Harbeth Users Group forum.
Good choice, how much did you pay for them? Height is easy to answer, the tweeter should be at ear-level. Also, I think (others please correct me if needed), besides being raised Spendors also need air below them. Other than that, the more rigid the stand the better. Keep looking used if you are in no rush, somebody may just be selling decent stands here or at ebay.
Very interesting suggestion, Drubin, thanks very much. I actually have a Lack side table so I know they're pretty rigid. Aktachi, I paid $450 for them, a good deal I think.
Mp666: $450 is great for these. Can't imagine how you could have done better. Let me know how you like them.
Yours stands should be at least 17 inches high and metal,
preferably spiked as the sp1 was introduced with spendors
own stand which was fabulously well made.(Try a BC1 with a
spiked stand,a touch of bass tightness helps)
Lovan's Jazz Speaker Stands seem to work well-I own a pair of the 18" stands. I'm 6'4" so they are a good match in height for my ears. They make a filler for the stands also that I will be trying. They come with spikes,