Spendor SP1/2e's vs. SP100's

I currently own SP1/2e's and am thinking about upgrading to SP100's. What are the main differences between these two?
My listening area is about 12'X 20', I use a "Wright Sound" pre & main amp (both tube) with about 50 wpc, and a "Arcam fmj cd23" cd player. I listen to classical music. I find I have plenty of power, wanting to know how much the SP100's may improve my sound (i.e. big or small).
You also might want to look for a pair of Spendor 9/1. The floor standing version. They sound great. I had to sell mine because I moved to a house with a smaller music room. Many regrets.
The 9/1 is not even close to the SP-100's although it looks nice. The SP100 has more bass, a better midrange, plays louder, needs a bit more amp,it is Spendors best work,but takes up lots of space, and a very retro look.
The SP 2/3's drivers were put into the 7/1, and the SP 100's drivers into the 9/1. Sadly the cabinets were too costly to produce, spelling an early demise for this fine series.

Listener Magazine Volume 7, Number 1
I spent one afternoon auditioning the 100s, along with Verity Fidelios. The 100s sounded boxy, slow, and "old." The system was first-rate: Thor tube cd (player, I believe), Thor electronics. We also switched out to some solid state (Jeff Rowland) and the mismatch continued. The Verity won out in pretty much all categories. I bought a pair soon after.