Spendor SP1/2E: Best Integrated Amp to Use?

Considering a new or lightly-used integrated amp (tube or SS) to replace the aging Linn LK-1/LK-2 combo currently driving a new pair of Spendor SP1/2E's, and would appreciate opinions, esp. from those who have used these loudspeakers. CDP is a Planet 2000; TT is Rega P2 (soon to go for Nottingham or VPI Scout?). What really makes the SP1/2E sing? The Linn system I have seems to lack grunt and resolution, although the sound is quite musical. I listen to all musical styles, usually at moderate SPLs. 14X14 room.

Looking for nominees at two levels:
1. under $1000 (new or used)
2. under $2000 (new or used)

Thanks, Jim
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my last system had spendor s100's and i used audio note's P2SE with wonderful results. It had only one input which was not a problem for me as I used my cd player as the only source. I believe that the 1/2's need a bit more power to drive than the 100's so the P2SE may run out of power if you like to really crank it up. if you can live with the 18 watts per channel you will enjoy music as real as you get in the home.
Mistral SE integrated.
Marantz PM-SA17
or Musical Fidelity
Audio Refinement Complete ($1k new, $700 used).
The Aronov tube integrated amp routinely goes for about $1600 used. It is 60 wpc with a special knack for bringing out a speaker's bass capability and resolution throughout remainder of audible range. I had used it with Spendor LE 3/1 ( basically a limited edition Spendor SP3/1P ) and it seemed to add "grunt" without altering the refined, musical Spendor/British trademark sound. However, when paired with U.S. Platinum Solo's even more of this amp's dynamic magic became evident.

I have the SP1/2 with a VTL (75/75), and I have a wonderful sound with this combo.

My advice are the VTL IT-85


Perhaps the Densen DM-10 inteegrated amp. It would fit in the second (under $2K) group used, I believe. It has all you mentioned your current setup lacks. It has grunt, deep bass, Biiig Sound/stage, awesome resolution and detail not to forget a very musical (almost tubelike) quality. I like Spendors very much and would own them if I had a smaller room...
Older musical fidelity amps...great sound/build...
Gaincard has been driving mine for two years (replaced a KSA-150). and the used price is about $1500.
Creek 5350SE is really nice but I ended up with the sp1/2e's in my master bedroom 18' x 16' being powered by my Pathos Classic MkII. Very Deep and wide with all the correct timber a system costing 20K would give you.