Spendor SP 2/3 Amplifier Load

Howdy Fellow Cool People,

I'm considering a pair of Quicksilver Mini-Mites (25 watts) to drive my Spendor Classic SP 2/3s. I've read various opinions on what these amps are capable of when it comes to driving speakers in the 88-90 dB sensitivity range, but have yet to find someone driving Spendors. In addition, I'm not sure what the average and/or minium ohm load is for these Spendors. Anyone have experience with this conundrum? Thanks.
i would try the minis before you purchase.i have owned sp100's and ls3/5's and they always sounded better with ss equipment that had lots of power.

I used a Golden Tube SE40 with my 2/3s years ago w/ no problems, plenty of weight/dynamics in a relatively small room. I have also heard them with a number of other tube amps. Even with 6-8 W SETs they can sound decent, though I would prefer a little more power. The Spendors are rated at 88.5db for efficiency, but I think all Spendors have a pretty flat/high impedence load. The 2/3s should work well with most tube amps.

Thanks for this helpful info, gentlemen. I am extremely fortunate to have a QS dealer w/i 2 hours of home, so I will definitely audition before buying.
I'm using a Cary V12i with my Spendor 1/2s and at 50 watts triode they're doing just fine. Before that I had the 7/1s which are the floor standing version of the 2/3s and no problems there either.
I used Spendor 2/3 with a McIntosh MC225 for a couple of years and it worked out very nicely. The other tube amp I had at the time, an Audio Note P2SE rated at 17 watts was marginal at times.

Based on this I'd say give the Tiny Triodes a try as I suspect you will like them with those speakers.
Can't say about 2/3 but I am using mini mites to drive SP 9/1 with no problems at all. Plenty of bass and high end with that wonderful Quicksilver midrange. I think these are 91db speakers. Sounds better than my 120 watt per channel CJ amp on the same speakers.
Quciksilver makes a very nice 50 watter called the Mid Mono. This would easily be enough power for the 2/3s.