Spendor SP 1/5 Monitors

Howdy, does anyone know anything about the Spendor SP 1/5 monitors? Any info or knowledge? Thanks in advance.
Where do you get the idea that Spendor makes or ever made a model called 1/5? I don't recall this, and looking at the history page at www.spendoraudio.com, I don't see it. There was a British company, one of the firms that made a version of the LS3/5a, that I think made a larger version inspired by the LS3/5a and the name had "/5" in it, perhaps 1/5. But I think it was Rogers, not Spendor. I may be wrong, I'm relying on memory.
Howdy, Artmaltman. Well, I am looking at a pair of black monitors right now which have a one inch, or so, Spendor name tag in the upper right corner of the black cloth speaker cover. At the rear, there are two pair of binding posts, gold, which have "Spendor" cut into the flat ends and a label just to the left of the posts which says

A high-quality monitor loudspeaker
Designed and manufactured in England by
Spendor Audio Systems Ltd.
Station Road Industrial Estate
Hailsham, E. Sussex, England
Model: SP1/5
Serial No. 134"
The other one is exactly the same save for the serial no. which is 133.

Hey, I'm a bit stymied myself. I have found nothing thru google nor the Spendor site. I sent Spendor an email asking about these speeks so, maybe I'll get something from those good folks. Just curious 'bout specs and stuff. Dig the sound, though! Grazie and cheerio!
Send an email to Nick Gowan at Truesound; he is a Spendor authority and retailer.

Well, other than that what real evidence do you have ; - )

Biwiring is relatively recent offering in Spendor's world. That's one clue.
Thanks guys, I'll contact Nick at Truesound and report back here with any info I get from him or the Spendor peeps. Cool and lively sounding small speakers. My first Spendors, joy!

I have owned the Spendor 1/5. Bought a pair used from a Spendor dealer in 1998 or 1999. It was listed as a part of the Classic range but not wildly successful, discontinued maybe 7 or 8 yrs. ago. This was a relatively small speaker between the LS 3/5a and the Sp 3/1 (have owned both those as well). Someone (unofficially) told me this was a low production model designed mainly for the US & German markets, basically intended to be a larger LS 3/5a with a little more bass. It is a nice sounding small monitor, non-ported as I recall, if perhaps lacking a little of the LS 3/5a's magic. I've seen them relatively cheap here in the US, and wouldn't mind picking up another pair myself.

Hi Tlh28,

I listened to them all day yesterday, changing out my Epos M12's for the testing run. They sounded strong with the modest 50watt power amp I had 'em hooked up to. I was initially a bit concerned regarding what I have heard about the lower-than-usual efficiency of older Spendors, but these seem to light up just fine. Not quite the unbridled, energetic high-highs of the Epos, but that seems like it may be ideal for the vinyl system-in-the-making I got them for. I appreciate the info, Tlh28, and you're right, they are non-ported.
This was sent to me by a representative, Linda Kennedy, of Spendor in England. It explains the history of the SP 1/5. Ms. Kennedy writes:
"Thank you for your enquiry. The 15/2 superseded the 15/1 (which was the same as the SA1). The differences include change of tweeter from the Audax (discontinued) to the Vifa D25.
The 15/2 also had a rounded grille and bevelled hardwood front edge on the cabinet.
In 1995 the USA distributor was looking for a Spendor speaker with an entry level under $1000, so we made the 15/2 for the USA (40 prs) but called them the SP1/5 because we no longer wanted to designate models by numbers.
Shortly after this we introduced the 2000 Series, a range of speakers, which included models under the $1000 level and therefore SP1/5 was not made again.
Linda Kennedy"

Ok, there we go. I wonder if the "(40 prs)" means only 40 pairs were made for the US? Hmmm. Anyway, thanks to all for playing.