Spendor SP 1/2R - opinions?

I have an opportunity to buy a brand new pair of Spendor SP 1/2R speakers for roughly US$3,000. Can any current users of this speaker comment on a) whether this is a good price and b) your overall impressions regarding sound quality?

Many thanks in advance.
There are some S 1/2s on Agon right now for $1750...Also a very nice pair of S8s, now those would be some nice speaks for the money ($2k)....
Robert E. Greene (REG) gave a very detailed review of this speaker in the December 2011 edition of The Absolute Sound. It would be worth your while to run it down.

He also did a review of the original SP1/2 several years back. It was perhaps one of the most glowing reviews he's ever given.

I own a pair of SP1/2Es that I have zero urge to replace. They are a wonderful speaker for the reproduction of voice and acoustic music, which are my top priorities for a speaker.

I haven't heard the "R" version, but I've always found REG's reviews quite accurate. In reading his TAS review for the new speaker, it sounds like Spendor has tweaked things to get a slightly more modern audiophile sound, but retained much of the original character.

If they are in perfect shape, the $3K price tag sounds about right for the new model (I believe retail is around $5K), but the other poster is right in stating the older SP1/2 and E versions typically go for under $2K and are an incredible bargain if medium volume acoustic neutrality is your main goal as opposed to deep bass, high volume, or a more "Kodachrome" sound.
Thanks guys for the feedback. I've just heard the SP 1/2Rs and have to say they were amazing.