Spendor S8e vs. Sonus Faber Grand Piano

I'm considering each of these speakers to be used with
a Moon I-5LE in a 10x13 room. I auditioned the Spendor briefly in my room but not the Sonus.My music taste varies from jazz to classic rock to acoustic folk music. Any input on this would be very helpful. Thanks, Tom
I've heard both of these speakers in my system and felt that the Spendor, while open and dynamic w/excellent bass, was a bit unkind to digital sources. (The new S series departs from the Spendor Classic series' Scan-Speak D2010s, and this is most likely the reason.) The Sonus Faber seemed more balanced, and I would have probably settled with it.
both are great speakers, but i've gotta say that for the money it doesn't get much better than the grand pianos for a very wide variety of music. tonally both are dead-on for jazz and folk, but the pianos can and do rock, as a well designed speaker should.
IMO the Grand Pianos are a superior choice.(Yes, I own a pair)The current GP homes have just been discontinued and replaced with an updated model which is now viewable on the SF home page. If it were me, I would snatch up a pair of the Grand Piano homes at a deal...

I run my S8e with tube gear and it sounds sweet with great tone, timbre & texture and I usually play cds from major labels not audiophile ones. For example, Coldplay, Sting, Billy Joel & etc.
Neither speaker represents much value at their price point, the Spender is the more accurate speaker which to me makes it more musical and in that small a room its superior off axis response (to the SF) will also pay huge dividends.

The SF Grand P. Homeis has a sound some people like but in that small a room it will show how incomplete a design it is with its ragged off axis response causing it to become bright an fatiguing. In an open space the SF's can be competitive with the Spendors but not in the confines of a small room.

Dynaudio Mini-Monitors (5.25 woofers), ATC SCM-10's or 12's would unravel your two selections at half the cost, especially with the Sim Audio amplification. I suggest these two because I feel neither speaker listed above will perform satisfactorily in your space. The Dynaudio and ATC's are a superior combination for your environment and amp IMO. BTW spending the left over $$$ on some 2x4 wall/room acoustic treatments (if your decore will tolerate it) will simply increase the performance gap.
I haven't listened to Spendors, but the Grand Piano's in a slightly larger room, maybe 10' x 15'were the best sounding speakers I have ever heard in that price range (approx. $4K). There's just a certian quality there I really liked, call it the perfect balancee between accuracy, warmth, and tonal balance. I also admire the fact that SF appears to spec/manufacture their own drivers. I have a set of speakers with the Scan Speak revelator drivers in them and a well designed crossover, they are very good but not in the same league.
Doug. I read your post and got me thinking. Two things.

The new Sonus Faber line thats replacing their old stuff. Grand Piano Homes specifically. Do you think or have any links showing that maybe they solved that off axis issue?

Secondly, What about very nice sound panels at the first reflection point on the left and right in a 12' wide room?

Another problem with my buddies room. His ceiling is only 8' high. 25' long room. Spendors of the new Sonus Fabers?
I found this information on the Home Theater website review.
Does this have a good off axis window and are tehy tube freindly?

The Domus Wall's listening-window response measures +1.81/–5.70 dB from 200 Hz to 10 kHz. The –3dB point is at 84 Hz, and the –6dB point is at 67 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 4.89 ohms at 20 kHz and a phase angle of –46.50 degrees at 136 Hz.—MJP
Hi Stylinlp_38,

My room is 8'X14'X21' and the S8e speaker disappears leaving behind the music. I originally sought out this speaker I knew it would have a natural tone with very good articulation but what I didn't expect was how well these box speakers throw a soundstage especially in the depth plane!

BTW my room uses many floor to ceiling 9" round tube traps with also a set of Argent Room Lenses.

Good Luck!*>)