Spendor S8E vs Classic Series vs A6 Series

Spendor seems to have many different lines of speakers.
I assume they all share a "house sound" but has anyone
spent time with these different lines and can share how
they differ in sound?

The A5 looks much like a S5E
The A6 looks much like a S8E
The Classic Series with the SP1/2R and SP100R are stand
mount speakers but with big low freq drivers..

Any Spendor experts out there??
I think I was the first in US to have Spendors, obtained them direct before there was an importer, in fact the original importer hears them first in my living room. I was a dealer for many years and might be again as I sell other products for the current importer. I currently have SP-1s , Sp-1/2Es, 2/2s and S-100s. The Sp-1s do not have a large low frequency driver unless you think 8" is large. The 100s use a 12" bass driver. They will play at 110db at one M compared to 104 for the 1s. Also go lower. If you want to fill up a large room the 100s may be better. My room is better suited to the SP-1s with REL Stadium subs. Overall the SP-1 is my favorite speaker. I am not really familiar with more recent models as the company is no longer owned by the Hughes family which founded it. In fact Derek Hughes now designs for Harbeth. The older speakers are available at very low prices used, I have 3 pairs I bought used and 3 left over from my dealer days and they are functionally the same. Check REGs review of the 1/2 from the Absolute Sound , which is available on his web site. I would go with the Classic series. Email me if you have any questions.
I too find the Spendor line-up a little confusing. Here are some retail prices.

SP3/1R $2795
SP2/3R $3695
SP1/2R $5595
SP100R $9495

A5 $2595
A6 $3295

S5e $2195
S8e $4195
S9e $6495

ST $8995

The SPs are clearly positioned as high-quality monitors. The "A" series seems to overlap the lower end of the "S" series. The single ST speaker seems to be "up market", but doesn't go as low as the less expensive S9e, while the ST is itself less expensive than the SP100R.

If you are looking for a pair of Spendors and have the room for them, there is a pair of SP100's available here in the auction area that would be a great deal. They are really a "do everything" speaker. I have a pair of S100's and they really changed my opinions about many of the more boutique brands. The big Spendors are really satisfying musically.