Spendor S8e & Rotel RB1070

Anyone use Spendor S8E powered by the Rotel RB1070? I'm thinking I don't have enough juice here to drive these speakers. Any good amp suggestions (either seperate or integrated)with the S8es in the $2-3K range?
My advice is this. Yes that amp can drives those speakers with no problem. But you wouldn't want to if you can afford a better amp. If you walk into a high end audio shop, Rotel is entry level. Next to Adcom pretty much. The point is that the Spendor's deserve a much more refined amp.

Which amp to get? There are many. Many many in your price range! Some people like Class-D some like tubes some like strong beefy SS amps. As long as you stay away from certain amps you really can't go wrong in that price range. Especially used! My advise is to look at all amps in that price range then do a search on AudioGon and Audio Asylum forums for any negative and positive feedbacks. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to take all feedback with a grain of salt. It's best to "Trend" all responses to make sure it's a common theme of truth. :)

BTW there is a PASS-150 amp for sale on AudioGon right now for $1700 obo that looks really nice. Even better I see a bunch of sweet tube amps.
if it sounds like enough, its enough
Spendors are not real fussy of amps. Try the Krell integrateds, Plinius, Naim, Sim Audio, Classe, or if budget is tight, the PS Audio Digital amps. All works great with the Spendors.