Spendor s8e or Devoe Super 8

I am going to upgrade from a pair of spendor S5e's to either the S8e's or Devore Super 8's. Any recommendations?

Listen to them both first, and preferably with the same amp you intend to use.

If you can't listen to them first, then buy used so you have the option of reselling without a significant loss.

Nothing matters except what you hear and enjoy.
I am buying used. I doubt that I will be able to audition the Devores, but I have heard great things about them. I have learned in the past that auditioning speakers
in a showroom and then getting them home are two different things. That is why I buy them used. Thanks Tvad.
Maybe someone within driving distance of you owns the Devores and would offer a listening opportunity.

So, you might mention where you live.

Also, listing the amplifier you intend to use might encourage some info from owners of the speakers.

Do a search of the Member's Systems for others who might own the same speakers. Look at their system components and amplification. Sometimes, this homework helps crystallize what works.

Finally, matching speakers to an amp is going about it backwards. Usually, it's better to buy speakers you really like, and then match an amp to optimize their performance.
I've had both the Spendor S5e and the S8e. They are great speakers. I've never heard the Devores.

I recently sold my S8es to keep a pair of Spendor's classic SP1/2E. The midrange tonality of the classic model is a little more accurate than the S8e. However, the S8e has better deep bass and is more comfortable at volume. (It plays loud but would not be the recommended speaker for a head-banger.)

For me, the SP1/2E is a better choice. However, if I listened primarily to pop/rock I would have kept the S8e. The S5e is a great little speaker and you can find them used at $1,000 or even a bit under right now so are a great buy. However, I'd really make a run for the S8e if possible.
The rest of my system is a custom built integrated by Dodd Audio. It is 60/30 ulralinear/triode. Cd is CJ Editon
McCormack UPD 1. Interconnects are Cimera Labs and speaker
cables are soon to be Chimera Labs. Thanks!
My guess is you'll be happiest with whichever speaker has the flattest impedance curve, and the highest sensitivity...to take advantage of the 30wpc triode setting.

I have read great things about the Audiokinesis Jazz Modules loudspeakers from several people who know audio very well. The speakers are available with a home audition. You might check them out before buying anything.
the spendors
Devores. I own the Devore Gibbon 8s and 3s. I have previously owned Spendors, S5e, S3/5. and S35e. Devores sound much better to me. Much more lively and detailed. They will probably work better with tubes.
I had the s5e's and moved up to the s8e's...big improvement in soundstage! Personally i was always a little dissapointed with the 5's as they were just too closed in and small sounding (even though they can play loud).

One caviat...I have run the 8's with 3 amps...Musical Fidelity A5 integreated, CJ MV60SE and now with Rogue 150's. The MF and Rogues are awesome with theses speakers...the CJ was a disaster! I am not familiar with your Dodd amp but you need some good power here.

With all that said...the 8's are the 5's on steriods...much better presentation and room filling, but not a rock speaker.
If it's possible for you to audition the Devores I would highly recommend it. I haven't hear the Spendors at all so can't comment on them but I own the Devore 8's and have heard the Super 8's at a local dealer.

The Devores are amazing speakers, I've owned Thiels, two pair of Proacs and Merlins at more or less the same price as the Devores and none of them could compete with the Devores for pure musical enjoyment in my systems, with either solid state or tube amplification.
a little off-topic but I'm running an 80's vintage Luxman R117 receiver (160 wpc) and am wondering if the S8e's would be a good match for it. Used for 2 channel use (cd's/ipod) and home theatre. do you think this speaker is overkill with this receiver? thanks.