Spendor S8e Amp Suggestions.

I'm looking to buy a new amp - likely tubes - to drive my Spendor S8e's. I've heard these speakers really sing with as little as 50 watts, so I'm comfortable that an amp with between 70 - 100 watts would do fine. For those of you driving the older style SP series speakers, please keep in mind that the S series is a very different animal. Could anyone comment on the following amps as mates to these speakers:

Cary v12 series - I've read that the SLI80 integrated is NOT a good match, but haven't heard anything about the V12.

ARC VT100 series

Mac MC275V

Any of the Prima Luna monos.

Any other great suggestions. Pre-amp is yet undetermined. I'm rebuilding this around the amp and speakers. I'll figure out the pre next. Thanks!
Consider Quicksilver M90 used if you can find it used.
I have used S5es, which are the little brother to your 8es, quite succesfully with a VTL ST-150. The two make an excellent pairing.

I have also used them with a CJ MV60SE -- not quite as much power as you are contemplating, but oh my, what a marvelous combination.
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That's the same response that the pairing with the SLI80 had, and they noted the brightness, but I have heard these speakers sound great with tubes. I'd really like to hear from people who are using the speakers in that setup. Reading theoretical measurements isn't exactly what I was looking for.
Assuming the S8e (which I owned for a few years) has an impedance curve similar to the S5e (quite likely), using a tube amp will be less than optimal.
Interestingly, I would say otherwise. Tube amps maintain a greater constant power output over a wider impedance range. This is why they are more often mated with Electrostatic speakers like Sound Labs which have a high impedance down in the lower frequency range.

From the experience as reported by Grimace, tube amps seem to work quite well here.
I had those speakers paired with Quicksilver midmono's (50 watt)and they are a perfect match.
Hi Grimace -
I have the SPendor S6e (understanding they do not go as low as the S8e).

I auditioned two all Tube Amps/Integrated Amps.
The Cary SLI-80 - Great Midrange, voice, and acoustic music - addictive. However, Bass was a bit light, slow - and I found that there was no snap or dynamics as compared to my Quicksilver pre and Classe Amp. So it was a no go for me as I do not listed to Krall, Ottmar Liebert and Holly Cole on every sitting.

Cayin A88T - smaller soundstage, sounded thinner then the Cary and Bass was light as well. I tried it as an Amp only being driven by my Quicksilver and I found it to be a slight improvement. But I quickly went back to my own set up. Still did not have the snap/dynamics that I needed and had some other shortcomings.

I have wanted to go to tubes - but for all the dealers I called/spoke with that carry Spendor (including the one I bought them from) say the same. Spendors need some drive and snap to sound their best and the vintage tube sound though will sound great at first may prove to be limited if you are listening to "harder" music. If you listen to "soft" music, acoustic, female vocals, chamber music then this is probably not an issue.
I'm using Spendor SP2/3s with VTL Tiny Triodes, output about 30 watts, with a passive pre, no less. Great sound top to bottom.
That's interesting.

I called VTL (spoke with Bee) when I was asking about the ST-85 (60 Watts) to use with my S6e = 87db, 6.5 ohms. She told me that the ST-85 would not be enough to drive my Spendors very well. That she would recommend the ST-150.

I told her I do not listen at head banging levels - though I do listen to Incubus, KOL, Radiohead, as well as Jazz - Di meola, Stanley jordan, Krall, some Flamenco....

She said she still would not recommend ST-85 or the Integrated IT-85 either. Now your SP 2/3 may be an easier load to drive then the S series. I am not sure the 30 Watt tiny Triode would be a good match for the OP's S8e.
I can say when I put the Cayin A88T in Triode mode (22 Watts) it was noticeably not enough to drive mine. The Cary I believe was 40 Watts and though it did not seem underpowered had no bass punch or dynamics at all.

Please understand - I am not critisizing your statements or what you are hearing in any way at all.
I can only speak for the S series and my experience.
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Lougiants: No criticism at all seen in your comments. There are many reports of Spendor Classic series working well with moderate to low powered VTLs. An audio engineer over in Audio Asylum reports good results with Spendor SP1/2, a larger speaker. So perhaps it is a matter of the Classic Series presenting a more benign load than the S series. I thought any somewhat related info might help the OP.
I have paired the spendors s8e with an LFD integrated amp and am in heaven. I have the lfd ncse but from what i hear the delight is similar with the lfd III or IV. lfd is a British design that seems to be optimized for british speakers like Spendor and Harbeth. Since i use the lfd, my spendors seem to completely disappear when I play music. amazing sound with great yet tight bass (important to spendor who may be a little loose on the bass side)

Another good choice would be the plinius or exposure 2010s.

The LFD will probably sound the most tube-like, despite being a SS amp.

FYI, my dac is the w4s dac
And the answer is, these speakers are fine with tubes. Better than fine, actually - really, really good. I just hooked up a Cary V12R in 50W triode and they sound terrific. Lots of detail, nice air around the instruments. An all around good combination.
...and it drives the crap out of the bass, even in triode.