Spendor S8 E or Canton Ergo RC-L for tubes?

I have been thinking for a while about dipping my toe in the water of tubes. I am considering a second system composed of a tube integrated, digital source and speakers. I am looking at a comparatively high powered integrated tube amp and one of the subject speakers. It is my goal to keep this system relatively low cost, both speakers are used, and just have fun with it. Thoughts on speaker choice?
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I’ve owned the Spendor S8E using 50 watt tube amps. I doubt that you would go wrong with them! 
Here are some reviews!

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I don't know those exact models but my experience is Spendor is on the warmer side while canton is a bit more forward.  Both are great speakers and it really depends on the exact sound profile you are shooting for.  It would also depend on the amp you run.