Spendor S5e vs Dynaudio Focus 140

It's been a while. I am looking to build a system in my recently finished man cave (ok kids part time) basement.
The size is 13 wide by 17 long, and 8 foot ceilings. I like to listen to all kinds of music from rock to jazz and instrumental blues. Vocals/midband performance very important to me. My prior systems consisted of Dynaudio Contour s3.4, and S5.4, Pass X250.5, Plinius SA102, ARC REF1, ARC LS25MKII, ARC LS25MKI, BAT VK5i, Marantz sa11, bel canto DAC1, mac mini USB, etc...basically lots of experimenting over the years with solid gear.

I currently have Spendor S3e's driven by an Aragon 8002, PS Audio Dac, TLC-1 deluxe, and Squeezebox touch. The S3e's, though nice sounding (love the midrange), are a little limited for my tastes. I am wondering if the S5e's would fulfill my occasional rock out sessions or would the focus 140's be the better choice. I intend to upgrade the preamp and amp in the future; higher quality, not necessarily quantity (watts).

I've owned the spender S5e, but not the Dynaudio. The 5s, like the 3's are pretty laid back, yes, with a very nice midrange. I suspect the Dynaudio would be a much better 'rock out' choice.
I would suggest looking at the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 . I owned the Spendor's SA1 driven by a Prima Luna PL2 and did not like the Spendors over the long haul. The midrange was nice and that was about it. The Sierras have more of a bass presence to them that I enjoy.