Spendor S3/5 that good?

There is a rave review on ENJOYTHEMUSIC.com. The reviewer says the Spendor S 3/5 trounces some more costly competition. I don't think I have seen a review that was more positive. I guess I should take a listen but would like opinions.
I like the Spendor S3/5's. They are very musical and "sexy" sounding. Like some of the other BBC speakers, they are terrific for female vocalists. They won't push a lot of air like some speakers and they don't over-articulate the music (so it may seem less resolving than some), but I think they are more accurate because of this. I ended up buying Harbeths instead, but I'm a fan of the Spendors ... and the S3/5 is a great value.

They are very accurate in tone. I passed on these for a second speaker because they were somewhat boxy, had smaller than life images, didn't excel in dynamic contrasts. Hope this helps!

The guy who praised the 3/5's on Enjoy the Music owns SP 1/2's which he also loves. That should tell you something.
And then there are the slightly larger, easier to drive 3/1's. Winners all.