Spendor, Meadowlark, Audes, in contention 2+K used

Hello all,

Concidering some speakers to replace my current B&W Matrix 801 s2's. I like the Matrix series far better than the Nautilus line and so have decided not to concider newer B&W's inspite of the increaced resolution of the Naut. series. To my ears it comes at the expense of midrange warmth and has an analytical sound that the Matrix TS-26 tweeter and 5" Kevlar driver doesn't exhibit, and I feel it's price to performance is not very good. Of course the Matrix 801 is not perfect either and although good sounding cries out for better resolution to go along with its great dynamics. Somethig Id like not to lose too much of. The bass on the 801 can be glorious on large classical works which I love...but gets in the way of itself at times on lighter jazz and doesn't have the transient quickness of smaller woofers. I have done most all the things I can( Upgraded Van Alstine xover fix) wall and corner/ceiling treatments..positioning of spks/ dedicated stands/ toe/no toe/ My room allows very good positioning flexability at 21x26. Mild use of Dacron Fiberfill in the port(very light so as to not lose bass completely)..this actually does very well concidering a front port, tightens the bass, decreaces the bloat if you will) and the addition of the powerful Plinius really helped here. with true bi-wired runs from the amp.

So I have need of opinions hopefully from owners of Spendors..specifically the "S" series or newer "E" such as the S8e, Meadowlark Osprey's or Hot Rod Shearwaters and the Audes Blues speakers, to name some Im thinking about ..all of which are very highly regarded and reviewed, albiet different sounding im sure. Im not looking to keep a similar overall sound like the 801's. but striving for smooth mids and highs and punchier bass with good dynamics. Imaging and soundstaging are also very important to me...but first and foremost is resolution with tonal accuracy and not too forward or aggressive,at the expense of that last bit of bottom octave, which I can give up (really dont have now :) any way)
My system is posted here on the gon..but basically consists of a ARC LS15 with Siemens 7308's driving a Plinius SA 250 balanced with Transparent Super Balanced cable. Front end is VPI/JMW10/Dynavector 17d2MkII/ ARCPH3 SE(Siemens 7308's also) SDS/ Digital is Wadia 23 trans/ECD1 24/192 most all cabeling is RSA Poiema! (which I love)

Give me some thoughts Ladies and Gents! Lots of great speakers at the 2-2.5K price points. Pre owned is prefered(you just get more of a speaker for less $$ than new at new prices) wait...is that a Yogi-ism?)

Thanks! PS...I know about the Audes clear out at great prices! seen here on the gon)-Could that be the one?
Hey Ken,
The Blues will not disapoint. Great sound stage, and depth.They sound more like a planer and not like a box speaker. Also very tight bass makes up for the bottom octave roll off. I do however have a rather large room so I expected to lose the bottom octave. In your room they may be just the thing. I did listen to pardgaim, Meadowlark,and others. B&W, which was a little pricey in comparison to the preformance to the Blues. I choose the Blues over the others because of the preformance Vs. dollars. The Blues give you so much at less cost because of being made over seas. Workmanship is outstanding, Finish is also outstanding. Very easy to drive, which I used tube gear. Not a bright sound, just smooth.
I am now using the Grand Blues which fills my large listening room with the last octave.
Please check out my listing on The Blues on A'Gon used Speakers. Save some money, and get all the performance of other high end speakers. Thanks, Brian

Very nice looking system! I'll bet it sounds great. Given your stated listening preferences, and your interest in Spendor, you may wish to keep the Spendor SP1/2E on your list. Used, you can find them at a price within your budget. They won't give you the last ounce of bass, but I personally love the sound, even with my rather humble electronics (for now). Vinyl is a pleasure with the Spendors (I am using a vinyl rig quite similar to yours: VPI Aries/JMW9/Dynavector 17d2MkII to Linn LK1/LK2). How do you like the Plinius?

Good hunting,

Thanks Jim,

Iv'e never actually heard any of the Spendors or the Audes models...Im more familiar with some models in the Meadowlark line and find them nice sounding. From all Iv'e been able to gather regarding the Spendors, they are excellent sounding and have the classic British voicing with the mids and highs slightly laid back( not forward or aggressive ) and have excellent tonality, detail, and dynamics. In ckecking your response, I noticed your seemingly in the Atlanta area, as am I. I have also frequented Audio Alternative and know the owners and staff. Thats where I heard the Meadowlarks. I dont think they have Spendors? Anywhere I might audition near Alpharetta?

Iv'e had the Plinius SA 250 for about 2 months now..I absolutely love it. Finest amp Iv'e had the pleasure to own. Incredible sounding. All thats been said about it is correct. Really good stuff. If you ever want to get a listen to my rig, please let me know..Im happy warm up the system for an evening of good tunes and great Vinyl!
Thanks Brian for your post. I understand your chioce of performance vs. price..However, most of these Iv'e concidered will be used and around the same price. Question: In auditioning between the Audes and the Meadowlarks, where you able to hear the Shearwater Hot Rods vs. the Blues, and if so how would you describe the sound specifically in the mid and highs and dynamics?..Were they similar, or would you perhaps say the Audes were more forward for example? Bass?