Spendor D9 vs. PSB T3 speakers.

Spendor D9 vs. PSB T3 speakers. Price about the same but which one is the better one? Has anyone heard them both and can make a comparison?
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I can't say I've heard any PSB speakers but I have heard and love Spendor's many times. That is the direction I would head but it's your ears, are you able to audition either speaker?
I haven't heard the Spendor D9s, but I would expect them to be glorious.  I have, however, heard the PSB T3s.  They are a wonderful speaker and worth every penny.  I heard them with a Primaluna Dialogue integrated with stock tubes (so not much wattage, likely 35 watts).  I still have a memory of hearing certain guitar response motifs hang in the air.  I wish I could compare them with the Spendor product.  

There are seemingly no brick and mortar Spendor stores in the Chicago area.  I would jump at the chance to hear them if I could.
@jbhiller ,
Search for "Kyomi Audio Chicago". I heard the Spendor D7 there. Owner  George Vatchnadze was very nice and gracious even when I visited him twice to make a decision. BTW, between the Spendor and PSB, my vote goes to the Spendor because it is more musical. Have not heard the D9. But I think the D7 is same as ProAc D30R. I purchased the ProAc D48R for the scale and dynamic impact the bigger speaker makes. My guess is, the same goes with the D7 Vs D9.
Complements to PSB for making a super neutral loudspeaker - the T3.
I have not heard the D9 but have heard the PSB T3 and just recently purchased the Spendor D7.  
The PSB is a very nice speaker with a smooth presentation but the bass response can be overdone and peaky / one note hard sounding. 
The design if the Spendor tower's slotted port / semi transmission line lets them produce a very high quality bass that is unique and set apart from the competition.  Give them enough power and they will easily play full-range with authority with clean, well defined notes.  
In fact the bass response during my D7 demo is what sold me on them.  I played a jazz piece with a well recorder upright bass and could not believe the sound, powerful physical impact yet well defined and no peaks whatsoever.  I was sold instantly and am extremely happy with the purchase.  
@avanti1960 ,
Yes, that D7 can produce amazing bass. Very impressive. Congratulations on the Spendors. What finish did you get? Not that it matters, but the pair I demoed was in "ebony" and it looked splendid :-)
I purchased the Spendor D9s. Previously had istened to the T3s in an friends system and they are very nice but the D9s, once fully broken in, surprise me daily with their musicality, clarity, and bass.  Currently using an Ayre VX-5 twenty amp.  
I heard the D7s at AXPONA this year and was so thoroughly impressed I ordered a pair that should be delivered in the next few days.  Dark walnut finish ;-)
How would the Goldenears compare to the PSB's and Spendors? They are about the same price.
GEs produce incredible bass because of the built in powered woofers but fall short in midrange tone, timbre and transparency.  They are also highly directional with limited sweet spot.  Can be "flat" sounding with jazz and horns.  
The PSBs are bass heavy and the bass becomes overdone as they age.  Midrange can be glaring but the treble and dynamics are excellent.  
Heard 'em all and chose the Spendors.  Glad I did.