Spendor D9, Proac D48R or Devore 0/93?

I have a dilemma - I am trying to upgrade my current Proac D30Rs and my following choices are:

Spendor D9
ProAc D48R
Devore Orangutan O/93

I have a 11 X 13" acoustically modified  - rather damped room. Amplification is Ars Sonum Grand Filarmonia - 60 Watts, eight EL34 tubes working in class A.

Let me know your thought - I prefer warmer - non fatiguing sound that allows for long listening session of Davis' trumpet...Listening to Jazz, female vocal, rock...

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How are you getting from ProAc & Spendor to the DeVore? The 0/93 is a high efficient speaker that's nothing like the other 2. It would seem a pair of Gibbon's would be a better choice. Also, your room is very small. I'm surprised your D30's aren't giving you some issues in your room. I wouldn't buy the D48's without an in home demo first.

Since you like British speakers, you may want to consider Living Voice as well.
Harbeth 30.1?
Although your room is small. 

arturgorniak-if you are selling your D30R's please contact me. I would be interested.

In my opinion the higher efficiency Devore O/93 is potentially an exceptionally good choice. An easy (10 ohm load nominal) to drive speaker(and high sensitivity relative to the other 2 choices you named) with a high quality class A tube push pull amplifier would provide beautiful sound and allow your amp to relax and coast with the 10 ohm impedance (nice!). I believe it’s worth the effort to give this pairing serious consideration. Jazz music should soar with this type of match.


It should go without saying that you need to listen to some or all of these to find out for yourself whether you like the sound or not.  Other people's recommendations can only take you so far.  That said, my recommendation is to seek out some used Spendors from the Classic series such as the SP 1/2 or 2/3.  They offer a warm musical sound well suited to tubes and jazz.  I used a set of Spendor SP-100 speakers for over 15 years and have tremendous respect for their virtues.  I find them more natural than the Devore O/96 (haven't heard the 93).  The SP-100 is too big for your room which is why I am suggesting one of its smaller brothers.  My comments on the Spendors are made as a former owner since I sold mine recently.  I just hope I don't regret selling them.
I've heard the Devore O/96's, my friend has a pair and they are truly phenomenal speakers and wonderful with jazz. I would imagine the 0/93's sound pretty similar and I would certainly recommend them however not sure your room will be large enough to accommodate them. Certainly worth checking out and I agree with the Harbeth recs above if you're considering Spendor.
That Devore model is not meant to be close to wall. In a near-field set up I would be concerned about coherence between the drivers as their acoustic centers are relatively far apart. I also do not understand a D9 or a larger ProAc in a 11x13' room. 
I make the assumption that reasonable effort will be made to hear the 3 speakers of interest. Feedback from other listeners can be helpful but of course nothing equals hearing them yourself. 
If you're interested in DeVore, I would call him and see what he says is best for your room and equipment. He's very honest and won't tell you to buy something that's not in your best interest.
I would look at the Audio Note K s
If you get a chance to listen to the ProAc D48R and Spendor D9, please post your thoughts on these 2 loudspeakers. Good luck in your search.
Maybe a Graham LS 5/9 would be of interest.
I agree with Charles 1 dad. Very flexible speaker, allowing many amp choices.
Another option is the Harbeth Super HL5 Plus. Even though they are not as sensitive (86db) the impedance does not drop below 6 Ohms and usually is much higher throughout the frequency range. I recently had a listen to these and see why many folks like them. They were paired with a two REL subs. I would find a dealer, bring your Integrated in and give them a listen. I have a Filarmonia, and have heard the Grand so I have an idea of your amps sound signature. Personally I think all three speakers you listed above are worth a listen. The manual for my Filarmonia warns to not op the integrated below 4.0 Ohms (apprx). You may want to see if there is any such warning in your's. Also you may want to listen to Acoustic Zen. I was very surprised and impressed with there sound. I believe the underhung coil speakers and line transmission  and a very flat impedance and phase angle curve are the main attributes of the speaker.
Again if you want full range, a good pair of subs would complement the overall SQ. I am also a big fan of Reference 3a speaker line, very easy to drive speaker, but butt ugly.
Good luck in your search. By the way what speakers are you replacing?
Your room is too small for all this speakers you mentioned, I have a similar size room as yours and own the Proac Studio 140MKII,I considered an upgrade to the D48R too but realized that the soundstage will blow viscerally on my face in such a small room as mine,so I am happy with my Proac's and I don't need more than the 140MKII .I do think that you should keep your D30 .
Spendor D9 are on their way - should be here Friday...I will keep you all updated once they have close to 200 hours behind their belt...
Congratulations @arturgorniak . would love to hear your impressions about the Spendor D9.
My"Like new" Proacs D30R in mahogany will be available for sale at BEK HIFI (610) 351-0764....so give them a call if you interested.
I've heard both the Spendor D9 and ProAc D something a few days ago and compared them both side by side.  That's funny to see this post. I've never heard the Devore speakers, but I can tell you that the ProAc;s did it for me.  I did not want to listen to the Spendors after hearing them.  I was told that the ProAcs "had their own sound." for what that's worth.  The Spendors sounded dead in comparison TO ME.  I listened to female vocals and some more recent jazz tracks. I remember a big difference in price too.  The ProAcs were more expensive.  They were connected to a 50 watt integrated tube amp (KT-88's) and I don't remember the DAC.  I do remember after hearing the ProAcs, I didn't want to hear the Spendors anymore.  I hope this doesn't offend anyone.  Just my ears and my opinion.    

Congrats on the purchase!

I believe it was the Spendor D9s I heard at a recent audio show (Montreal) and they sounded beautifully real with jazz - the sax in particular was you-are-there.
mudbone is right.  Go with the ProAc D48R. It's the best choice of the three.
D48s are not the best match for my tube amp due to the 3.5Ohms minimum impedance. I just got D9s and i am breaking them in as we speak....
Any initial impressions?
@arturgorniak ,
I saw that the dealer you purchased from, has both the Spendor D9 and D48R. Did you get a chance to compare them?
From my recent personal experience the same loudspeaker can sound very good to meh, depending on the setup. A $10k loudspeaker was in 3 different rooms. I liked it in the setup where it was driven with a Mark Levinson amps, while I did not care when it was connected to some VTL or Sim Audio amps in the other 2 setups.
Hi fellow Spendor D9 owner! My room is approx 14x9 and I previously had D7 speakers in there. Trust me, the D9s will open up drastically after the first few days, and they will keep doing so for a few weeks. I expect you'll be enjoying the shockingly good mid-range from these units. The mid range unit is on top (as you know), but it's also in a sealed enclosure, separate from the other drivers. The sound is vastly different to the D7. I've never heard anything like it before.

I've got a Chord 3650 powering mine. I'd be curious how much deep presence of bass you can hear from your amp.
I did not have a chance to compare any of those speakers you have mentioned side by side at the dealer because they will sound totally different at my place. I initially hated the D30Rs at the dealer place but loved them in my room. At the dealer they sounded super bright and had no low end which was exactly opposite in my listening room. If you seriously consider any of those speakers try to get a hold of them and demo in your own room - from my experience, listening to any electronics at the dealer is useless....and me telling you how those speakers sound is pointless as well - we all have different tastes, rooms, electronics, cables, room treatments etc...
@arturgorniak ,
Your point is correct.An audition at the dealer may not tell you the complete story, but you can at least "get to know" the character of the component. At least it can tell you if the speaker is forward or laid-back or neutral, etc.
I would be interested to know how the D9 sounds in your room. And if you get a chance, please post your system pics. That would also be helpful.
Email me arturgorniak@yahoo.com and i will send you pictures. If you are in us call me. (Will give you telephone number over the email.)
One is american made.  I just made
The choice.  That was easy