Spendor D9.2 vs Proac D48r

Has anyone been able to listen to both and able to provide some feedback or comparisons ? They seem to be both highly regarded and competitors. I mostly listen to rock and blues and use a Bryston 14b3 power amp.

Any feedback is appreciated as auditioning right now isn't possible
I own the D48R and love them. I have not listened to the D9.2, but compared the D7 to the ProAc D30RS. The Spendor sounds good to, but my choice was the ProAcs. You should try to audition both the speakers. Your Bryston will drive them both effortlessly.
Thanks.  We are in COVID restriction here, so curbside pickup only for consumer products right now, so auditioning isn't an option.  Do you find the 48s need a big room ?  Would they be too bass boomy for a small-mid sized room (say 12x15) ?
Let me be super honest and tell you that both the D48R and D9.2 would be a disaster in that sized room. You should look for the D30RS or D7.2 instead.
I listened to the Proac D30rs and Spendor D7.2 almost back to back, and preferred the Spendor, Proac sounded slower and not as extended by comparison. Spendor D series has the sparkle while maintaining the Spendor midrange magic 
+1 milpai
Both those speakers are too big for that size room. You would be better off with a small stand mount type. Spendor, Proac, Harbeth, ATC, etc., make some outstanding ones that would be a good fit. BTW, my friend has the D48R and they are a great speaker, but he has them in a much larger room than yours!!
(((Would they be too bass boomy for a small-mid sized room (say 12x15) ?))) I disagree, and have made the Proac D48rs work in small rooms with satisfying results .Its true that full range speakers can become heavy in a smaller room placed close to a corner or boundary. When measuring the bass can be up 10 to 12 DB at the rooms 80HZ peak in the listing position. Fix 1, Moving the speakers and chair around until you find it is best . 2 if you want to bring the bass down more you can sponge the ports. 3, finally if you need to pull it down more we use a  DBS variable high pass installed at the amp adjust to preference.The D48Rs when set up correctly have the unique ability to get the power response and tonal expression of guitar tone so right its worth the effort . One listen to Pink Floyd s David Gilmore's playing on Division bell fixed me right up.  
  Best, JohnnyR Proac dealer over 25 years 
I had Dynaudio Contour 60 in that room and found them a bit too much for the room. Physically for sure.   They are BIG speakers.  I just found them a bit to laid back for my liking.,  I was able to get the bass response pretty good however.  I would think either the Proac or the Spendor would be a bit more "snappy" and immediate.  More forward sounding.
Why do you consider Spendor D series?
Why don't Spendor Classical series or Harbeth?

I like Spendor Classical and  Harbeth sound.
I heard Spendor D9 and D7 at Montreal audio show and was deeply disappointed by their scratchy, not natural sound. 
Small room. Smaller speakers on stands. Add a small sub if you need lower bass. 
+1 alexberger. Take a look at the Spendor Classic 1/2.

Or the Graham Audio LS 5/9f.
I was considering the D series because I listen to mostly rock, classic rock and blues rock.  The Harbeth's, although very nice,  don;t really have the punch I am looking for, for the style of music I listen to.
@dallyd31,I saw and listened to the Dynaudio Contour 60 at AXPONA 2017 and also at a dealer. "Stimela" was the song that impressed the crowd. In the right room, they can sound pretty good and not sound boomy. And you are right ProAc and Spendors are more "immediate". I know EXACTLY what you mean, having heard Dynaudio, Harbeth, Spendor and ProAc. If a person were to be gifted with any of these 4 brand of speakers, he can easily live them for years to come.The good thing is that @audioconnection (JohnnyR) has indicated that the D48R can work in your room. Send a PM to him and maybe share some pics so that he can make specific recommendation on placement. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to listening to music on my ProAcs. Was listening to "Jazz Variants" by O-Zone Percussion Group last evening and I am grateful to own these loudspeakers. BTW, what are your current speakers?
I haven't listened to the Spendor D series, so I can't comment on how they compare. But I do disagree that the larger ProAcs are guaranteed to be a problem in your room.

I have a 14x18 room that becomes 12ft wide halfway across the room, with D38's along the 12ft wall, and do not have any bass issues.

I have previously owned the D28 and Studio 140 Mk2 in the same room. In my room, the D38 has better bass control, better driver integration, and less cabinet resonance. They also have more a realistic soundstage, with improved image placement and depth (more 3-dimensional stage). I like the D28 a lot, but it's not a smaller version of D38. They have different driver arrangements, impedance, and cabinet resonance. However, they all share the overall ProAc sound, have great imaging, and not fussy about placement in my experience.

The ProAc D2 is one of my favorite standmounts, but I would go with a floorstander in your room.

I've compared the previous Spendor models to ProAc in the same dealer room, and found Spendor to be less engaging. This has supposedly improved with the D series, but I haven't heard them yet.

I also owned Dynaudio Contour S1.4 LE in the same 12-14x18 room, thinking I should try a smaller/different speaker at one time, and they literally lasted one week before I went to something else (D38). They were also not engaging to me.

I also listen primarily to rock and blues and am very happy with my system overall, but found that cable selection can make a difference in a somewhat revealing system. I'm driving my D38's with Simaudio Evolution Series integrated amp and CD player. I can listen to many rock recordings at levels higher than I care to and the sound is fantastic, and poorer recordings at low/moderate volume due to revealing nature of system.

Sorry for long reply, but I finally found a thread where I may be of use :-)

Thanks @gary_c   I really appreciate your detailed feedback.  Very helpful.  @milpai   I just sold my Contour 60, so currently I am speaker-less.  I need something soon though, its getting boring with no sound !!!
The Contour 60's were VERY big. But I just found them too "soft" for my liking.  They sound fantastic, don't get me wrong, it is just a personal preference that I prefer a less laid back speaker
@dallyd31 ,I can imagine what your are going through without any loudspeakers. But based on what gary_c and JohnnyR mentioned, the D48R might be the speaker you want. One last question - do you have the possibility to place the D48R in your room, 3 feet from back wall and 2 feet from side walls? If no, then I still stand with my recommendation.
I have D9s in a ~12x17 well-damped room with no bass issues, so I think you could make it work fine depending on what else you have in your room.   Their Linear-Flow port tech works really well; they produce deep bass with lots of punch.    I use them with Pass amps (X250.8 and now XA30.8) but I did purchase a 4B3 to try with them for a while and I preferred the slightly tighter and faster bass of the 4B3 with them over the X250.8.   I imagine the 14B3 would really take control of them...   I think the XA30.8 sounds marvelous with them although the bass did slightly soften up with the amp swap.

Thankfully, I've yet to hear them produce 'scratchy, not natural sound' too :)
Yes @milpai , I can do that. For sure 2 feet from side wall.  Probably 2.5 feet from rear wall. I was a little less sure of the D48 vs the D9,.2 because I felt that the Proac would have even more low end.  So, thanks for the input and feedback.
Hi in the past I was a spendor dealer. I am now considering carrying the brand again. One post mentioned hearing the D series at a show. Commenting that the highs were scratchy. The problem is that they were shown by Jay at bluebird. The man has no idea how to demo speakers at a show. He will bring in fresh speakers without any break-in time. These speakers take hours and hours of hard playing to sound great. Once broken in they are very balanced and articulate from top to bottom. Bluebird is now out of the picture so maybe you'll start hearing good demos at shows. I had a fantastic sounding room using a small floor stander from Spendor! 
(((I mostly listen to rock and blues and use a Bryston))) Another observation, Proacs history are used for truth in many recording studios. When set up correctly they are not pipe and slipper, wimpy polite, more raw , punchy ,can listen all night .
I always look forward to a session with the Proac D48Rs not only can deliver proper scale more effortlessly with guitars as well as grand piano ,yet still capture how intimate/ dreamy Dusty Springfield's voice on The look of love hits you. When playing the Who's live at Leeds Magic bus Kieth Moons percussion offer's an appreciated  history lesson of his unique style. Best ,JohnnyR
Spendor D series are none of those things (pipe and slipper, etc.) either, even if traditional Spendor (e.g., classic line) might be. Spendor D series is a whole new animal to the old Spendor stereotype, and as owner of D7 and D1 one that hits the perfect sweet spot for beautiful midrange and quick, brilliant highs that are possible now with the fully Spendor in-house developed and manufactured LPZ tweeter (just as all Spendor drivers are custom and manufactured in house with D series). I also own the SA1 earlier series before D series and I can see why Spendor had developed that reputation previously, but it does not apply to D series, and for me the new modern sound is a sound I much prefer. Chose D7 after auditioning around 20-25 other speakers couple years ago from $5-10k range USD (though did not have opportunity to hear ProAc, unfortunately, so cannot compare).
Here's a different perspective.  I listened to Spendor Classic 100 and Spendor D7 back to back, same day, same room, same system.  The Classic 100 stomped all over the D7, not just in the bass, where one might expect that, but also in the midrange and the treble.  The upper midrange /lower treble sounded particularly pinched and undernourished when compared to the presentation given by the Classic 100.
The Spendor classic series sound fantastic indeed.  I find they tilt to the warm, smooth side of the spectrum though. Bass is big for a smallish box
I have the D7’s and have to agree that they absolutely need break-in time, after which the highs soften noticeably. The other issue is that oddly, the drivers seem to need to warm up. I usually will start them playing for 20 minutes or so in the listening room before entering to enjoy—otherwise yes, the balance is tilted towards high with a relative deficit in midrange warmth. I can see this being an issue at a show if they are played cold...assuming this isn’t all entirely my imagination!
The lack of the needed break-in time can be an issue on a show.  
I drew attention to an interesting fact on Montreal show.
Some dealers have a good sound in their room every year, other dealers have a bad sound in their room every year. They change equipment but it doesn't influence to SQ. 
D series have a long break-in time, for sure. Takes the LPZ tweeters hundreds of hours to settle in. Any opinions formed before that time should be put on hold until the speakers are fully broken in (as with all components).
The Spendor classic series is too warm, mushy and slow for me. The D series hits the sweet spot in speed and transparency with mid-range timbre and sweetness.
An update:  I went with the Spendor D9.2.  I couldn't decide and I got a great deal on a premium finish so I went that route.  So far very happy.  And they don't overpower the room...at all.  In fact initially I  thought the bass was a bit light.  Have about 50 hours on them now and the bass is starting to show up a bit more.  But it is very tight, fast bass.  The mids are glorious and the top end is tremendous too.  A very fast "snappy" speaker.  Very transparent. Looking even more to getting them fully broken in, but very happy so far.  And not overpowering in my 12x15 room in any way.
@dallyd31 ,Congratulations on the new toy! Did they provide you the improvements that you were expecting over the Dynaudio Contour 60?Good to know that they are not overpowering your room. Now simply sit back and enjoy the music!
Thanks milpai.  Yes, these are, so far, exactly what I was after.  Make no mistake, the Contour 60 are fantastic speakers.  The D9.2 are just a bit less relaxed, more snappy and the 60's overpowered my room.  These don't.  Happy so far !