Spendor D7

Looking for new speakers to use with Leben cs 600 amplifier.  Considering Devore Super  9 , Proac Ds30R.  Goal is natural sounding, not too forward high end.  A friend recommended the Spendor D7. I have listened to the A7 but found it too bright.  Has anyone auditioned the D7?  Is it forward sounding?
There is one other product worth listening too that I think had a great sound profile assuming you have a big enough room to handle a side firing woofer.  You probably need at least a 15’wide room (20’ would be better).  

The Scansonic MB line.  I demo’d The MB6 side by side with Magicos and it is a great speaker.  Another one that delivers an awesome value.  The tweeter from them is really special.  The 3.5 and 5 are great and might meet your needs.  
Love my D7s.  They pair remarkably well with tubes in the case of my system - fantastic for bringing out the textures in acoustic jazz but can also rock out when needed.  The break-in time is at least 200 hours to soften an initial treble edge but with some patience you are rewarded immensely.  I heard these at AXPONA and just knew I had to have them.  To me they sounded close to the Joseph Audio Perspectives but at less than 1/2 the price.
I don't think the side firing would work; but thanks for the recommendation.  I also am limiting my search to speakers I can audition at home; which greatly limits my search as there are few dealers in RI.  I was very close to buying AudioNote AN-E.  Fortunately the local Devore dealer had a pair of used ANE which he brought up for a listen.  Both he and I were surprised by how poorly they sounded in my system in my room.  I don't know if there is a Scansonic dealer in the area but I will look.  Have you any thoughts on the Devore Gibbon 9s?  I have heard them several times with varying results ( related to cable etc).  Thanks for your insights.
Side firing doesn't work for a lot of people.  I just know they are great speakers and are outside of the "usual suspects" of PSB, KEF, Revel, Musical Fidelity, B&W, etc... which I assume you have already heard.

DeVore makes wonderful speakers.  I have had limited exposure to them.  I have heard them in passing but never really had a chance to do any critical listening the way I have with the Spendors.  My understanding is they require some effort with amp pairing.    

What equipment will you be driving these new speakers with?  What is your room like?
I use a Leben cs 600 amplifier which apparently is one of Devores favorites.  I believe the Leben works well with the Devore O series, I am not sure how it fares with the Gibbons- but will find out shortly.  The room is 19 by 16 with an adjacent kitchen area . Ceilings are 9 foot and lots of glass. Not the best acoustics.
I found a Scansonic dealer in Boston, and may actually go take a listen. Perhaps the side firing might work.