Spendor D7

Looking for new speakers to use with Leben cs 600 amplifier.  Considering Devore Super  9 , Proac Ds30R.  Goal is natural sounding, not too forward high end.  A friend recommended the Spendor D7. I have listened to the A7 but found it too bright.  Has anyone auditioned the D7?  Is it forward sounding?
Nope.  I am not a Spendor dealer.  I listened to the D7s while I was hunting for speakers before I started my company.  I liked them a lot though they weren’t perfectly to my taste.  

In the sub $10K range, they are spectacular.  I was hunting for something that sounded a bit more like Wilson but at Spendor prices.  The only way I could do that was to make them myself.  

For perspective, I make a stand-mount that is $500 more than the D7s excluding the stand.  My cabinet is carbon fiber and I am really competing with The Magico A1, Wilson Tune Tot, Wilson Benesch and Marten.  

I own D7’s and love them. Not bright at all, upgraded tweeter vs A7. I first heard D7 immediately after listening to A7 for 40 minutes- difference in quality was MASSIVE. I knew right then my budget for speakers needed to jump above my initial $5k target.

I’ve posted a lot about them across various threads (you can quickly scan - I think I still have less than 100 posts).

Basically I thoroughly auditioned a couple dozen speakers between $3k and $10k over several months and liked D7’s best.

But that’s just my preference.

Gotta go listen to as many as you can would be my recommendation, but yeah Spendor D7 one of most acclaimed speakers last 5 years - just seek out the reviews. It’s difficult to find anyone with anything bad to say about them.

Oh and if you generally like tonality of Spendor but want a little more reserved, then I’d suggest Vandersteen may be well worth auditioning. 
Thank you for asking.  I don’t make a floorstander yet.  I had to decide between next product being at a more approachable price point or a floorstander.  I am launching to less expensive stand mounts at Capital Audiofest and will introduce floorstanders next year.  

The only others I liked better the Spendors were much more money.  If you can find a used pair of Wilson Sabrinas, Sasha’s or Magico S1s in your price range, they would be a step up from the Spendor’s but new, they are more than 2x the price at ~$16K.