Spendor D7

Looking for new speakers to use with Leben cs 600 amplifier.  Considering Devore Super  9 , Proac Ds30R.  Goal is natural sounding, not too forward high end.  A friend recommended the Spendor D7. I have listened to the A7 but found it too bright.  Has anyone auditioned the D7?  Is it forward sounding?

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Are you a dealer of Spendor?
Do you make a floor standing model?
My wife is not a fan of stands.
I don't think the side firing would work; but thanks for the recommendation.  I also am limiting my search to speakers I can audition at home; which greatly limits my search as there are few dealers in RI.  I was very close to buying AudioNote AN-E.  Fortunately the local Devore dealer had a pair of used ANE which he brought up for a listen.  Both he and I were surprised by how poorly they sounded in my system in my room.  I don't know if there is a Scansonic dealer in the area but I will look.  Have you any thoughts on the Devore Gibbon 9s?  I have heard them several times with varying results ( related to cable etc).  Thanks for your insights.
I use a Leben cs 600 amplifier which apparently is one of Devores favorites.  I believe the Leben works well with the Devore O series, I am not sure how it fares with the Gibbons- but will find out shortly.  The room is 19 by 16 with an adjacent kitchen area . Ceilings are 9 foot and lots of glass. Not the best acoustics.
I found a Scansonic dealer in Boston, and may actually go take a listen. Perhaps the side firing might work.
I didn't know there was a Legacy dealer in NH: Legacy directed me to the dealer in NJ who was a bit pushy a la NJ/NY fashion ( I grew up in NJ do I am entitled to comment as such).  Who is their NH dealer?

The Scansonics probably won't work as I don't have 3 feet from back wall.

With respect to the Spendor/ Leben pairing.  The Leben definitely woke up my SP-1s.  Was a very striking pairing.  I home auditioned a bunch of amps both SS and tube; and there was something magical with the Leben.  

The other interesting speaker is the Joseph Pulsar 2 and there perspective 2 ( which is a bit of a price reach).  I heard the Pulsars and they were beautiful.  But my wife vetoed the stands.

The problem with all of these options is the distance from RI.  The Spendor dealer is in Nashua but he sold off his D7s and is thinking of getting the new version and/or the Classic line.  I was interested in hearing the Classic line but didn't have the time or energy to travel to NE Philadelphia to listen to them.

So what do your speakers sound like?