Spendor D7 vs. Spendor A7

I recently listened to a pair of Spendor D7 speakers and was very impressed by them.  Has anyone heard them and compared them to the Spendor A7?  Unfortunately, I am not able to hear them at the same time.  Talking to a dealer over the phone, he said they sound very different.  Any relevant opinions will be appreciated.  
Thank you.
I have not listened to the A7. But I checked the Spendor site and the A7 and D7 are completely different configurations. If anything, the D7 are higher configuration models and if you have the budget and space, I would highly recommend the D7, based on the couple of tims I got to listen to them. Good luck.
I own the Spendor D9s and have spent time with the A7s.  I am going to assume the D7s are closer to the D9s than the A7s.  The A7s are fun speakers with surprising bass extension but lack the clarity in the highs that the “D” series supplies.  Very different levels of performance.  
The Spendors are checking a lot of boxes as I contemplate a new speaker purchase in 2019.  I plan to audition quite a few.  My question for this thread is what others thoughts would be between the D7 and D9 for use in a 20x15 room with 9.5 ft ceilings.  Which are better suited, all things being equal (which I know they never are)?  Standing at only 34 inches tall, the D7s seem a little small but I understand they project a large soundstage.
@three_easy_payments,The D9s should suit the 20X15X9.5 room. But lets hope you do not put them in any room smaller than 15X16. That would be the minimum. A poster I know here had the D9s in 13X10 room and was thoroughly disappointed and sold them. The D7 would also go well with the 20X15 room, even though they look diminutive.

Really appreciate this input.  Exactly the type of feedback I was looking for.  Thanks.
@milpai  or @drrsutliff 

The consensus is that the Spendor D series is better than the Spendor A7.  In a small room, 13X11, would the D7 be okay or would the bass be too much for the room?  Since my last post, I did hear the A7 in my house and the bass was fine and not excessive.  I worry the D7 with its two woofers will produce too much bass.
I have heard the A7 and was impressed with the amount of bass it could produce. The D7 has one bass driver and one that does bass and midrange (2 1/2 way).  I have a 14 x 15 room with the D9 with it’s two true bass divers and it almost exceeds my room’s abilities but I do have a lot of room treatments. The D7 will have a more refined presentation than the A7.
The D7 would be better suited to your room. You will be thoroughly disappointed with the D9 in a 13X11 room. If you can "pull" the D7s in the room, say about 36" from back wall and 18"-24" from side walls, you should have amazing music.
Like @drrsutliff mentioned, the D9 will either overwhelm the room, or the bass waves will cancel out and kill your musicality.