Spendor Classic 9/1 Speaker AMP Suggestions

Just purchased a pair of Spendor Classic 9/1speakers and would like some tube amp recommendations. I currently have Sonic Frontiers Power 3 amps driving my Aerial 10T’s. I’m concerned that the SF amps may cause damage to the Spendors due to the 220 watts of output power. I’m pleased with the Aerial and SF combination but want to set up another system with less tubes and watts
McIntosh 275. Had this combination and it is a perfect match.
I use 300 watts with my SP-1s with no problem, too little power destroys speakers, very seldom too much. Have used Spendors for 40 years but very seldom with tubes and with none that are now available. Having said that I regularly listen to a friends system with Rogue amps, they would be my choice if I wanted to use tubes.
Congrats on your purchase of a great speaker. Agree with JDmeyers that the McIntosh 275 sounds great with the 9/1's. Also, as I think back to the great systems I heard over the years, one that truly stands out was the Spendor 9/1s paired with Cary 805 monobloc amps and Joule preamp that I heard at an audio store in the DC area.
More power don't destroy speakers, distortion do.