spendor bc-1

Aloha have chance to buy da famous bc-1 is it worth to buy it or is it just to outdated?? Also can you still find replacement drivers if it goes bad?? Mahalo Nui
I borrowed a pair for a weekend in the 80s and thought they were about as good as my Maggie MG1 speakers. Presuming I knew anything back then, that would mean they are good but not great.

I imagine if it were today I would prefer the BC1 but I have read so many rave articles on them I am biased I am sure.

I would not pay more than a few hundred myself and they would have to have good surrounds.

my two cents...
They are still great speakers, I had them starting in 1970 and was a dealer for them for years. The STC-Coles super tweeter and Celestion HF 1300 tweeter are no longer in production; Spendor has switched to Scanspeak in later versions of the speaker, which is still being made. They will not play all that loud but at least as loud as , say , a Quad 63. On voice they are hard to beat; when I had my Apogee Duetta Signatures and my SP 1s [later version of the BC 1s] set up together I spent most of the time listening to the SP 1s. Check the Spendor forum on line for further info.
Mahalo Nui for da kine. Picked dem up. sounds unreal but says 50 watt max. Hope I do not blow up da drivers yah.

and I thought you were speaking Jamaican :^)

let us know how you like them...


Don't worry, they can take more than 50 watts if it is clean power and not applied continuously. A speaker rated at 50 watts continuous can take 500 on peaks; most speakers are damaged by too little power; not too much.
Mahalo mah braddah for all da reply. Boy dis one great sounding speakers!!! Have pair of acoustat and it sounds planny close. wish had mah sp 100 sold dem wen I wuz going through equiptment like it was water. Love all spendor models!!! Have Hou Oli La Ho Omakika i and Mele Kaliki Maka mah audiophile braddahz!!!!!!!