Spendor A6 with McIntosh MA6600?

I have a Linn Majik DS as a source and Spendor A6 as main speakers. I'm looking for an integrated and I've been told the MA6600 could be a good match. I listen to all kind of music and timber, soundstage and realism are my priorities. The MA6600 is quite expensive, any advice?
I have Mc gear and Harbeth speakers and the result is great sound imho. Try for an audition, if not, Mc holds it's value as well as any brand.
Ditto above if you can audition. Yours ears the best judge. I use the MA6600 with VSA JR4's and with Daber Monitor 3 speakers. Very fine musical experience. As for the MA6600, I can not say enough about it. It is awesome! Expensive yes, and imho, well worth it. Many to choose from, Luxman, etc, but with a great combination of sound foremost, and some great features it really hits a home run.
Suggest you go with the McIntosh MA2275 tube integrated if timber and realism are your priorities. Can be had for approx. the same price as the MA6600. I bought my used MA2275 from Audio Classics for $4,700 delivered. It arrived in "like new" condition and packaged well enough to withstand an atomic bomb. Spendor and tubes would be an excellent match.