Spendor 3/5 SE special edition

Has anyone had a chance to hear these and how they compare sonically to the 3/5?
Yes, I was able to directly compare them at this past CES in the Spendor room being powered by gear from Talk Electronics.

The regular 3/5 is mellow and musical, more on the dark side. The 3/5 SE on the otherhand is livelier and has a more extended top end. I think your choice would depend on your taste and associated components.
I agree. For the money I prefer the one-and-a-half-sized 3/5 called the Spendor SC3, turned sideways. MUCH more bottom end, and a nice 88/89dB/w efficiency. For $1400/pr they're a great alternative to the Special, and if you're building a HT they make a profoundly-good front trio.
I'd also compare the S3/1p ($1400) 6.5" 2-way as well, although I suspect that ALL of these lack the hoter tweeter of the SPECIAL. Dealer tells me the SPECIAL is for the US market's desires for a brighter top octave. West coast and/or aging male ears? Ha!
Thanks so much for the response.

Would you agree that if my electronics (Quad 99 amp and pre-amp) seem a bit on the bright (or shall I say "thin") side, at least with my Spica TC-50 speakers and Velodyne sub, the regular 3/5 would be the better choice?
Allen..if I was going to upgrade...from Spica tc-50s(which I have owned)....I would opt for a monitor with deeper bass to intergrate more seamlessly with your sub...the 3/5 would be a lateral move in bass extension....around 70hz...so you wouldnt be gaining anything significant in this area...I went with the Quad 12L that is rated to 45hz....very fast, clean bass from a monitor...and low enough to crossover at a more ideal point...good luck...others that come to mind are Green Mountain Europas...and Von Shiekwert vr-1...both full range monitors...