Spendor 2/3 or 1/2 in small room?

I want a smoother sound than my Paradigms. Which Spendor would work best in my 10x23x8 room?

Thanks, Ed
both work well in a room of that size. the benefits from switching from paradigm bepend on which model you now listen to. a floorstander might have more of a longterm benefit. in general terms the spendor 'classic' line more balanced than paradigm, but there are floorstanders that are somewhat more full-range..that are also balanced. neat, castle,totem,quad,gershman,pmc,etc.....and paradigm's larger studio signatures. all can play fine in a room your size with pretty articulate deep bass as well.
Your room is large enough, so between those two I would think Spendor 1/2 might be better fit. However, they are not exactly cheap and there are many conteneders in that price range (under 4000) from Proac, Harbeth, Tyler, Salk, VSR, Zu etc. most offer avery good model for around 3000. Your options increase even more if you consider used. So explore a little. Good stands tend to be expensive as well, and you might get a better value in a floorstander. Let us know what you decide.
There isn't that much difference between the output of the 1/2 and 2/3. (I use 2/3s in a similarly sized room to good effect.) You would be fine w/the 2/3s. BTW, they are wonderful speakers that never fail to sound great.
A local hobbiest friend has a pair of Spendor 1/2s in a very small space, and I've been impressed with their sound and imaging. I have been surprised, however, by the vibration you can feel on the sides of the cabinets even at moderate levels. IIRC, they sit of Sound Anchor stands, and last I heard they were driven by a SS TRL amp, a big improvement in transparency and openess over the many tubed Cary he previously used.

Yeah, the vibration thing w/the Classic series is what makes them sound the way they do. I tried to quell the vibes one time, and the speakers lost whatever it is that makes me want to make a fool of myself playing air guitar.