Spending a month's salary

I don't have much experience as an audiophile. Based on my research, the bulk of spend should be on fine speakers. I have $20k to invest in either a superior AMP, DAC or pair of speakers. What to do?

My room is on the smaller side, listening position is about 7-8ft from the speakers. I suppose bookshelf speakers are appropriate. Right side speaker is very close to side wall <1ft. Left side is open to 6-8ft. Back wall is about 10 ft from listening position. Speakers sit about 3ft from front wall.

My current setup:

Revel 106 speakers

Parasound P6 pre and A21+ amp

Node 130 streamer w/ upgraded Teddy PS

AQ cable loom.

I prefer bookshelfs given my room. Separates are ideal, though I would like to consider an all in one like a Boulder 866.

Which component is most important. I'm not looking to have an unbalanced system. Eg. $15k speakers and a $500 DAC.

Appreciate any insight.





Juan, I watched the T+A DAC 200 video. First, one of my favorite YouTube reviewers that I trust. Second, owning the Holo DAC May KTE and absolutely loving the Holo, I was stunned to hear that the T+A was much better. You told me this in private communications, so what was different was the excitement conveyed in the video.  Of course, there is always some give and take in doing comparisons as well as system synergy and personal taste.

+1 on the auditions recommendations. $20K is nothing to sneeze at and you want to spend it wisely. Seek out a local high end dealer, if possible, and try to catch some audio shows if you can. 

Take your time. Don't make the mistake of rushing into this as you'll spend more time stuck with something that doesn't sound right to your ears in your room, trying to reverse engineer a mistake that'll be nigh impossible to remedy as there's so many variables involved.

That, and you'll end up coming back to taking advice from a forum who know nothing of your room, taste and ears. We all mean well but nothing supplants your own experience as your tastes and ears will evolve the more you listen.

All the best,

netting 20K a month puts you somewhere in the 36th percentile of all of the active  audiogon users...

Oh, sorry what was the question?

I have speakers to meet you requerements  , You can come tomorrow and listen in Brooklyn in my show room