Spend my $1000 on a turntable


I gaze at at about 60 dirty records, a Cambridge Audio 540P mm phono pre amp and a slightly broken Technics SL-1210 MK2 (1 channel is bad). I rewired the arm and replaced the inter connects, it might be the ortofon pro s cartridge. I’m faced with buying a cleaning system (cheap) and inner sleeves and fixing the technics and selling it (+-$600). Add about $400 brings me to $1000.

My girlfriend (read wife) wants a Red turntable and so here I am. I am leaning toward the new Rega P3 with Ortofon Red or should I get Rega P2, Ortofon Blue and maybe a new phono pre amp? Project makes Red tables but I’ve only heard mixed things.

What would you do with $1000? 

Typically Tidal high res streams to a bluesound vault 2 Out via coax into Dynaudio Focus 30 XD. It 
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I paid $1100 for a used VPi Scout with acrylic platter! To heck with red, you can’t hear red. Although, Clearaudio makes acrylic ‘tables in red, white, blue and black. They may run you more than a grand new, but if you can find a used one a grand might do it.  Roxan makes a red ‘table, also more than a grand. 
I recently got a chance to handle the latest U-Turn Orbit (just happened to be a red one) at my local dealer. I have to say I was surprised by its build quality - seems much nicer than the Pro-Jects, Regas and Music Halls <$1K. It was very quiet and had less platter runout than what I've encountered in the competition. The tonearm also felt a cut above that found on the likes of the Debut Carbon and RP-1. The only notable deficiency - considering its price - was some orange peel effect in the paint finish, which wasn't obvious from a few feet away. Based on all the tables I've owned and handled under $1K, I'd be very tempted to go with an Orbit and invest the balance in a good cartridge and decent preamp. 

It might go something like this: 

U-Turn Orbit with acrylic platter and Grado Black 1: $350


Lounge Audio LCR mk III preamp with silver upgrade: ~ $400


 U-Turn with standard cart (they don't allow ordering without): $300 + Shure M97xe w/ Jico SAS stylus: ~$300
I am loving this thread folks, thank you.... the DIY red would be tricky, not enough time and mileage may vary on spray, sand, spray, sand etc... the GF and ‘wife’ are the same ;) I’m hoping it’s a table I have for a long time but for the amount it will get used 20% of the time. There is a process of listening to vinyl I want to be realistic..... as I tip toe lightly in the analog forum.