Speltz Anti Cable vs. SilverClear Day Speaker Wire

I've got a modded set of MMGs in my system that I currently have Anti Cable speaker wire running to. They sound pretty good to me. However, I have recently switched to silver ICs and the change was amazing. Do you think that the Silver Clear Days would make a difference from the Anti Cables I now have? Thanks for any opinions.
I've had both. In my system, the Silver Clear Day cables in shotgun configuration were the clear winners. Quite astonishing, in fact. They have the detail and transparency typical of silver cables, but are also warm, and utterly non-fatiguing. I liked these enough to allow me to decide to part with the much, much, more expensive Kimber Select KS-3035 cables I had been using. As a bonus, Paul, of Clear Day, is simply a joy to work with. He sent me some loaner cables to try, and even offers a 30 day return policy. Possibly the most satisfying transaction I've had in my 35 years in audio.
just curious....your IC switch was from which specific cable to which specific cable? and what is the rest of your system other than the Magnepan MMG speakers?
I had some mag wire ICs that I bought from a guy who used to sell them on Audiogon a few years ago. They were copper wire and I am not sure of the gauge, probably something like 20 gauge. I bought my silver interconnects on eBay from another guy (Jinsanity Audio) who makes his own wires. I replaced the RCAs on those wires with some Cardas Silver RCAs. The ICs are three 24 gauge braided wires for both the positive and negative leads. Very open and natural sound. I've got a B&K ST2020 amp, B&K PT 3 pre amp, Onix XCD88 CD player and Velodyne VA 1012 subwoofer
I have used both and prefer the Clear Day cables. I have Magnepan 2.7s. The Shotgun silver cables will amaze you. Paul sent me an 8' pair of single run silver cables and I liked them immediately. I ordered the shotgun set and he sent them quickly. Clear Day has to be one of the best and most honest businesses around. If you don't like the cables after auditioning them you simply return them. Try them! You have absolutely nothing to lose and you could just save yourself a lot of money.
I currently am using Speltz Anti-Cables, but would like to find out more about the Clear Day Cables. Do they have a website??
Clear Day cables - Is there a website??
Paul advertises his Clear Day cables on Audiogon. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a link to the current ad. Just use the search function. His user name is Vonwaffen. Mine are still breaking in, and are sounding even better over the past few days. I can't tell you how happy I am with this purchase. If you check previous posts, you'll find a few similarly flabbergasted owners
anyone compared them to straley reality cables which i own?
Wow, stop presses. Since my original post, I've had a chance to try some prototype "Reference Shotgun" Clear Day cables that Paul is working on. If I understand correctly, these are essentially double the stranding of his standard shotgun cables. At any rate, the attributes described in my earlier post are certainly preserved, but the sound is even fuller, with much greater depth and air. This is in my bi-wired system, with only the woofers being fed by the Reference cables at present. I immediately requested a second pair. Based on the feedback he has received, I think Paul will add these to his product lineup within the next month.

I really applaud the availability of affordable and excellent products, such as Clear Day and Anti-Cable. I started out in this hobby ten years before lamp cable became state of the art. Somehow, things evolved to the point of owning cables that were worth more than my first car. Having been shocked last year to find out how good my system sounded with $5.00 worth of magnet wire, I've recently re-thought my priorities about how to cable my system. Clear Day, in particular, surpasses anything else I have used, now even more so. I don't want to become a pest here, but if it wasn't for the ravings of a few other Clear Day owners, I wouldn't have known about them myself. I am thrilled with the cost to value ratio here. My system has never sounded better.