Speltz Anti Cable Speaker Cable

Has anyone tried using double runs of the Anti Cable speaker wire between their amp and speakers?
In other words, two runs of wire for each terminal instead of just one. If so, did it make a difference and in what way? Thanks for any opinions.
Yes, with my Von Schweikert VR-4JRs. These speakers benefit from bi-wires, where others may not. The dynamics were improved.
Not sure about for speaker applications, but it is interesting this has come up. While doing some yard work yesterday I noticed the ground wire going from one copper grounding rod to the other was dirty and not making a good connection. I decided to go to Home Depot and get the thickest wire I could find and make a new connection. I brought home a 2 guage copper stranded wire and hooked it up. My system sounded terrible. Back to HD and this time bought a 8 guage, hooked it up, and everything snapped back into the way it was before I changed anything....which is good. Then I got to thinking I had an extra set of Speltz cables around and what would happen if I used them to tie the copper rods together?? First I tried one run, then I doubled it for even better results, and now have a quadruple run of the Speltz cable tying the two copper rods together. Turned out to be an excellent tweak!
Underdog, I hope you are joking. That would be so far out of electrical code that if something would happen your insurance would likely be voided.
Are you saying a double run of Speltz speaker cable from amp to a speaker with only 1 binding post?
Hey Rsrex, I had a licensed electrician install a dedicted AC panel along with a dedicated ground for my system, separate from the general house ground. I know I am OK up to the first ground rod. I will have to check on the Speltz cable to the second rod.
I didn't like Speltz in 3 systems as single or double runs with Shahinians, KEF and Snells. Underdog has come up with the best use for Speltz wire.
I tried it and could not get a good tight fit with the double spades on the amp end. The stiffness of the wire didn't help either -- one side would pop out while I was trying to tighten down the other side. Very frustrating. The sound from my Tylers was worse with the bi-wire, perhaps because the spades on the amp end weren't laying flat on top of each other. I went back to a single run with jumpers and the sound was more focused and dynamic.
All this proves that every system is different. A recent article, I think it was in Stereophile, examined amplifiers and their changes under different loads at different frequencies. Each amplifier has varying characteristics at different outputs and at different frequencies. This means that different cables and speakers will present different loads to the amplifier. There are simply too many variables to make any meaningful conclusions. Part of the fun is trying out different parts to hear how they fit. The Speltz worked fine for me. Since I changed the acoustics in my room I found that untwisting the wires sounded better-more natural highs, better spatiality and no edge at all. I have given up recommending components or tweaks or wires. You'll just have to find out what works for you. And, remember to have fun. Buy used and sell what doesn't work for you- it will for someone else.
Can you bend the end of the wire in a loop to fit around the binding post, and then lightly hammer the wire to flatten it out a bit in order to increase contact area?
It is almost the same as working with coat hanger wire so bending and flattening shouldn't be an issue.