Spelts interconnects silver ?

Is there someone using them ? Good ?
im mean Speltz w a Z.
Thatz good, because if you meant using "A hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe" as an interconnect, I would have said that is crazy, though not the craziest thing I have heard of here.

uh ???????????????????????
so they have internet at the mental hospital !
No hard feelings though, you people must have some too.
Zmart azz.
Use the search function since no one here wants to comment.
Grisslehamn, does Paul Speltz make an interconnect? I have a pair of his Anti-Cable speaker cables, but didn't know whether he had an interconnect as well. I'd be interested if he did. Maybe you could just DIY a set from the raw magnet[?] wire he uses for his speaker cables. I may give it a shot.
Yes, a guy from soafrica told me that. and that they are in silver.
shall try a pair.
couldnt be to hard to diy if you had some silverwires and some teflon + some eichmann silver bullet plugs ?

How can some ics be so expensive ?
Yes, he is producing them in limited numbers upon request. In RCA and XLR, .5 & 1 meter lengths. Don't know whether they are silver. He says they are similar to the anti cables (and are red) but smaller gauge. He also has an Anti-IC Phono for that application. Hope this helps. Dave
Yes, he does. I have a couple pairs of his 1.5m ICs. They are made with two lengths of a thinner gauge magnet wire, one for the center conductor of the RCA, and one for the outer housing of the RCA, which also acts to filter stray RF /EMI. He makes XLR ICs as well. BTW, these are not made from silver.
1markr ,
Are they good ?
Are the rca´s in silver and xlr´s in copper ?
Or are both in copper ?
They are wonderful, G. Extremely good bang for the buck as well. They replaced three complete sets of ICs that I owned from 3 different mfgs, that retailed (per 1M pair) for $500, $900, and $1,300 respectively. If you like the Anti-cables, you will probably like the Anti-ICs. Are there better? Of course, but how much are you willing to spend to get that little extra?

Note: I do think the Anti-ICs are a little more system dependent than the Anti-Cables though, from listening to other systems with them. Both work very well in my system, though.

No silver on either that I'm aware of. Just solid copper magnet wire.