Speed Tweaks?

No, this post is not about amphetamines!

I have a Goldring GR-1.2 (Rega P2 clone) and I think it would be a good platform for trying out diy solutions to various issues I've had with it. The first issue I would like to tackle is the speed variations. I've seen the Origin Live DC motor/power supply kit and thought "how hard would it be to do something similar?" Has anybody attempted any approach of any sort to deal with the speed variations of Rega or Rega-type tables?
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Mark Kelly over at Vinyl Asylum is an expert on motor controllers, you might ask him. I believe that he designed the controller for the $40,000 dollar Saskia turntable.

Of course, Rega has dealt with these issues, first by hard mounting the motor in later decks and then by offering a motor controller of its own on the P9 as well as scaled down versions on the less expensive decks.

A lot of Linn users traded their Valhalla boards for the more elaborate motor regulation schemes and Valhalla boards can usually be had pretty cheaply. They can easily be adapted to the Regas.