speed of CD tray

Hi folks, can anyone tell me why the speed of the CD tray of my Accuphase DP-90 is speeding up spontaneously? Normally the CD tray opens and closes at slow speed, and this is still happening after switching the CD transport off and on, but after a while the speed increases (till 2-3 times the normal speed). Could it be due to aging of a capacitor (that regulates the CD tray?). Have anyone ever experienced this type of "malfunction"? Thank you.

Will this work for my SCD-1? (Sorry)
Does the Sony have a motorized lid? I didn't know. Some audiophiles prefer to keep the lid open during CD playback for better sound, did you know that?

Unlike more recent players, the SCD-1 is appallingly slow in its transport functions. The lid closes at a deliberate pace, then there is a hideously long wait while the disc loads and the laser scans for contents data. When initially launched, the player was notorious for this. My question was more tongue in cheek than serious, like asking for a class A amp that doesn't get hot. Scoozi.