speed controller for Lenco or Garrard


there seems to be newer speed controllers for lenco and garrard tt from sound carrier in US and long dog audio in UK.....anyone successfully use either of these or other speed controller power supplies for their lenco or garrard?


If the current SOTA Eclipse power supply and tachometer are like their Phoenix Engineering forerunners, you cannot go wrong by buying that ensemble and using it to drive your Lenco motor. (No need to buy the Eclipse motor along with the power supply and tach.) This is assuming the Eclipse PS can deliver 25W or more.  I am using a Phoenix Engineering Eagle and Roadrunner tachometer to run my Lenco with superb results. The SOTA products are made under an agreement between the Phoenix Engineering designer and SOTA. What I don't know is whether the Eclipse or PE ensemble can drive the Garrard motor, because the latter is not an AC synchronous type.  I actually doubt it will work. For the Garrard, probably the best ever made was anything designed and built by Mark Kelly.  The last of his efforts had a tube output stage.  They were pricey to begin with, and now they are not easy to find. (Mark Kelly is out of the business.) You might consult one of the aftermarket companies that live on upgrading the Garrard 301/401. I know that Loricraft also has or had a controller, also costly.
You have a controler from hanze hifi with a review on positive feedback.
In fact the Phoenix is special as it control the speed with the tachometer but unfortunately no more on the market.
For the lenco it is interesting to get a controler with choice of voltage as it works best under 110 volts for USA.
I have had someone build for me the one described in lenco heaven and I use it around 210 volts in France, better depth, image and treble less acid...
First, SOTA, the company that makes turntables, hooked up with Bill Carlin, the person who owned and designed the Phoenix Engineering gear, and SOTA now markets the Phoenix stuff under the "Eclipse" name.  This includes an AC power supply like the Phoenix Eagle, and a tachometer, like the Phoenix Roadrunner, that feeds back to the PS and holds speed at a solid 33.33.  You can even buy an AC synchronous motor in order to convert a belt-drive that may not have an AC motor, for use with the Eclipse motor controller equipment (because the Phoenix and therefore the Eclipse equipment is designed to drive an AC synch motor). But that is not necessary for a Lenco, because the Lenco motor works with the Phoenix/Eclipse stuff as is.  Maybe I wasn't crystal clear in my first post.

Second, if you do acquire the Eclipse equipment, there is no need, and in fact it would be a bad idea, to use some other device in order to drop the voltage.  You would let the Eclipse equipment do the job.  Dropping the voltage also is a two-edged sword; at some point you lose torque that way.  Furthermore, just dropping the voltage per se does little or nothing to improve speed constancy.
I agree with lewm if the sota eclipse is based on the Phoenix Engineering Eagle and Roadrunner tachometer. I was lucky enough to acquire an Eagle  from Bill for my Lenco and I can't imagine my system without it. Speed stays pegged at 33.333 without fiddling with any knobs. I also built the controller designed by Nigel at lenco heaven which worked great but doesn't have the dynamic feedback/adjustment from the tachometer like the Eagle/Roadrunner combo. 
I spoke to SOTA and you have to buy the eclipse package with the motor and the condor (speed controller)....price is good $725....I am gonna try the lonedog audio UK speed controller that is getting good feedback....the dealer will let me return it if unsatisfied so even though pricier than $725 I like the return aspect.....the fit and finish is better too
I use an Eagle/Roadrunner combo on ny VPI turntable.  It replaced an excellent VPI speed controller.  There is really no comparison in SQ and convenience.  The real beauty of the combo is the set-it-and-forget-it answer to exact, and I mean EXACT, TT speed.

The SOTA combo even adds a superior motor.  All this for less money.  It may be a PITA to set up, but with real rewards.
karma, Here is how I would think of the two alternative products you are considering:  Even though you don't need the motor, with the Eclipse you get the tachometer that feeds back to the power supply and maintains speed at a near perfect range around 33.333, no matter what.  Or, for more money (as you say), the Lonedog sounds like only a Power Supply that allows you to set speed and then claims to maintain speed without the benefit of feedback, and no motor comes with.  I've never seen either the Eclipse products nor a Lonedog, but I would assume that the Eclipse is similar in "fit and finish" to the Phoenix Engineering stuff, which is "industrial" but fine enough looking and doesn't break.  Anyway, the chassis' are pretty much out of sight apart from the two readouts.  I personally would go for the Eclipse pkg.  But that's just me.
Reviving this thread. Does anyone know for sure whether the SOTA Eclipse version of the Eagle/Roadrunner outputs enough wattage for the Lenco motor? I'm very interested in this combo. Thanks.
When in doubt, go to the source. This from Bill at Phoenix:
SOTA is making the Condor motor controller which is designed to only work with the 3 phase BLDC motor that comes in the Eclipse package. It does not work with any 115/230VAC motors.
I talked to Bill about this and he told me that my Garrard 301, having an induction motor, would not be a good match for the Sota power supply. I bought Ray Clark's (Classic HiFi) PSU from England and could not be happier. It is important though to understand what his PSU does and does not do. It regulates current and controls the speed of the platter. However, that does not mean that speed locks in in any manner. It drifts less, but it still drifts. Using a Phoenix tachometer, I get a readout of my platter speed and simply adjust the speed, when I feel the need, with the Classic HiFi PSU. One must disable the eddy brake on the Garrard to use it properly. 
With my Lenco I use the 25W Eagle PS, If the Eclipse PS is ~25W, you’re good.
I was one of the original beta testers for the Eagle and Roadrunner on my Garrard 301.  I have used them on my two 301's successfully.  The Roadrunner automatically controls the speed with no problems.
Likewise, I have successfully used them on my Lenco L75.
The Eagle and the Condor are completely different and not interchangeable.  The Eagle is a universal PSU that will drive any 115/230VAC motor up to 25W.  The Condor is a low voltage PSU for a very specific 3 phase BLDC motor;  it does not work with any other motors than what is supplied by SOTA.
When we first discussed a licensing agreement, we both agreed it would be a better solution to offer a superior motor and controller for $725 than a good controller for $600 for use with (in most cases) lessor motors.  SOTA is free to pursue the Eagle design if there is enough demand to warrant it.
The SOTA RR tach is identical to the original and includes the accumulated playing time counter.
For the Garrard 301/401 and Thorens TD-124 you don't need an expensive and space-wasting external controller.

A Keystrobe Pulser + Optibloc kit replaces the old internal analog speed controller with quartz-controlled pulsing. It's reasonably priced, is very well-made in the UK and it's very simple to install. I have rebuilt several TD-124s using this product and I think it's the single best upgrade you can make to your turntable.

As an added bonus, this unit negates the 50Hz/60Hz platter to mains match problem. Use any platter you like for 60Hz service.

How does the Condor set the phase for the motor? is it done digitally or with capacitors as traditional . I ask because over on AK there is a poster touting the Gem Dandy DMD controller and motor .

I like the Eclipse package because of the added benefit of the Roadrunner.

he states that setting the 90° phase in the gem dandy is done digitally and is superior and eliminates ant mechanical motor noise and electrical motor noise.

Just curious which way the Condor does this, I understand this is a three phase motor so its slightly different.

Since my post above I did buy a LongDog Audio controller for my Thorens TD124 from Robin Wyatt of Robyatt Audio in upstate NY. It seems to be equally effective as my Russian (or perhaps Ukranian) -built PSU that Ray Clark sells out of the UK which I still use with my 301. Fwiw, I tried to buy a second PSU from Ray Clark (a well known Garrard 301/401 specialist) and it seems he has gotten old and forgetful. I got tired of continually asking him to sell me one of his PSU's and simply started looking elsewhere. The LongDog has a quartz lock loop, I believe, that seems to control speed effectively. What I don't care for with the LongDog is that the speed controller is a bit counter-intuitive to use. It's hard to explain. Just trust me. Robin Wyatt btw is a pure pleasure to work with. Says something about him that he was best friends with Art Dudley and that Julia trusted Robin to sell Art's audio gear.