Speed control VPI HW19jr

I have a strobe on the way, what if the table is off? How would you adjust the speed on these tables short of buying an SDS? Something tells me I am not going to like the answer to this. That is the biggest difference I see so far in comparison to my previous Technics table. The VPI takes awhile to get up to spped and then there are definetly fluctuations that you will never get with a Technics. I also have a new belt coming also so perhaps that will tighten things up. I think that if I can get a stable platter speed from this table that it will outperform the Technics, that is a big if.
If the motor is indeed "off" you would have to replace it. It might just be the capacitor has drifted. You can remove the metal motor housing underneath the plinth to get to it. I can't remember what value it is, but it's a common one. I would get a higher quality cap, if you're going to replace it anyway.

The new belt will help also. Make sure you clean very well, the pulley and the outer platter where the belt travels.

Also, I would clean out the bearing well and relube the bearing well and bearing.
You can look for the previous generation VPI speed control boxes. I have one I am going to list for $195 when I get around to it. It has separate dials for 33 and 45 and a switch to select either. Pro -Ject also has some speed control boxes, I haven't used them.
I've owned a HW-19, and it was a Jr for probably 10-11 years, bought new in '97 at MusicDirect in Store. It never drifted, and I owned a KAB Strobe since probably '99. or so. Was it off? Sure it was, it ran ever so slightly slow, and this was no fault of any bad parts, just the nature of the beast, that nobody on earth could perfectly match a Motor pulley size to Platter size, without using some sort of device to compensate.

Once I got the VPI SDS, I was finally able to fine tune speed, and I typically find now, for absolute perfect 33-1/3 speed, with Stylus in play, and accounting for Stylus Drag, I need 60.17hz on the SDS. Nothing drifts, I can sit there, with Strobe in hand, for 15 minutes, and nothing moves!

The SDS is an essential for these Tables. Buy one, you won't regret it. Mark