Spectron V-Cap Upgrade

I want to buy V-Caps for a Spectron Musician III amp.Can anyone tell me how many caps I would need to buy and what values I need.Also do they use both TFTF and OIMP caps.Thanks
"They" use both TFTT and OIMP. However, if you will try to install yourself you will loose the warranty and simply even if you will be able to do it - you will make a lot of damage - you will have to strip amp to its "naked" motherboard and if your amp is not Mk2 then you need new motherboard .

You better call me - 818.435.2090 and we will discuss how to do it best for you and may be better for you to spent your money on something else...unless you have real big budget


I know values but you cannot just send your caps directly. You must get agreement from Spectron people first... and from my experience it ain't no easy