Spectron Remote Sense MKII cables

Anyone Spectron amp owners try the latest Remote Sense MKII speaker cables. If so please comment on them? I currently have Elrod Silver Signatures but Simon believes the MKII's are much better.
Personally, I have full faith in Simon. I've learned from years of talking with him that he is very knowledgeable, experienced and honest. I bought the previous version of the Remote Sense Signature speaker cables and found them to be the best I'd heard.

I did replace them recently with a set of $6,500.00 speaker cables that I found better, but at 3.5 times the price. But he told me that previous version of the Remote Sense Signature speaker cables were better than the Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables to, and I believe his assesment.


I would like to clarify a few points:

1 - Elrod Silver Speaker Cable has been NEVER compared “A/B” with any of recent Spectron Remote Sense cables.

2 - Objectively, we can only compare prices and specs mostly. Here, specs are almost not presented and prices are in ratio of 2:1.

3 - The “sonics” is subjective opinion: nothing wrong with it as long as we remember that its subjective. I am not ashamed to have enormous pride in Spectron achievements but please remember I am BIASED party.

4 - Lets give due where its belong: Recent cables by Spectron are heavily influenced by Elrod “sonic signature” , sonic requirement and more then decade in learning to test and evaluate cables build by David Elrod: Actual consultant of the project was Joe Cohen of Prana Wire

5 - I own, use and enjoy Elrod Gold Signature speaker cables which I believe are 2nd best in the world (2nd only to Elrod Gold Statement)!!!!!!

6- Remote Sense Cables have “the remote sense circuitry” which is unique and no other amplifier in the world have it. This circuitry was design to minimize the effect of ANY cable’s electrical characteristics on the sound and it does work in highly MEASURABLE fashion -of course, in different cables this effect varies.

7 - Now, with all of the above I can re-iterate my recommendation: comparing Elrod Silver Speaker Cable (subject of this thread) and Spectron Signature Remote Sense Cable (Mk1 or Mk2 with 10 fold improvement of metal purity) I strongly recommend to try our demo cables: its free of charge (usually some waiting period is requred) and chances are you will be extremely happy with it as long you own Spectron amplifier. Incidentally, it can be re-terminated later on to be used with any amplifier but without this circuitry.

8 - Finally, if with all these I still come as “used car salesman” then I deeply apologize to parties involved